After controlling the last town used to be controlled by the “Islamic State” organization in Aleppo province, regime forces reach the administrative border with Al-Raqqah

The regime forces led by Tiger Groups led by the Brigadier in the ranks of the regime forces Suhail Al Hassan and with the support of the loyal gunmen and Elite Forces of the Lebanese Hezbollah, and with the support of the Russian artillery, were able to advance more in the far eastern countryside of Aleppo, they were able to reach the administrative border of Aleppo’s eastern countryside with Al-Raqqah province, where the regime forces were seen on the southwestern banks of the Euphrates River at the Euphrates Lake, formerly known as “Assad Lake”, and on the international Highway between Maskanah and east of Syria, about hundreds of meters west Debsi Faraj on the administrative border of al-Raqqa with Aleppo, which confine the presence of the “Islamic State” organization in the area between al-Bu’aasi and Fakhikha, on the southern banks of the Euphrates River in the western countryside of Al-Raqqah.

This progress to the administrative borders of Aleppo with Al-Raqqah province comes after the control of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities of Maskanah town, located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, while the Syrian Observatory learned that the regime forces continue the process of inspecting the town, of which most members of the organization and their families and those who refused to stay withdrew to other areas not controlled by the regime and under the control of the “Islamic State” organization.

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