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Special Forces of the Coalition strongly enter the battle of Al-Raqqah and ISIS fortifications hinder the advancement of the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation east of Al-Raqqah city

The “Euphrates Wrath” Operation has not advanced since this morning in eastern outskirts of Al-Raqqah city, due to its inability to advance to the areas from which the “Islamic State” has withdrawn on Wednesday, the 7th of June 2017, where the “Islamic State” organization withdrew from about half of the neighbourhood, while the Syrian Elite Forces and the Syria Democratic Forces have only controlled the eastern parts of the al-Mashlab neighbourhood located east of Al-Raqqah city.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that their inability to advance came as a result of monitoring the neighborhood by the “Islamic State” organization thoroughly via its snipers and via planting mines intensively in al-Mashlab neighborhood, which was earlier emptied of its people, reliable sources told of the Syrian Observatory that the reason for the emptying the neighbourhood was digging trenches and tunnels by the organization inside the neighbourhood, and organization’s well fortifying for its self, and also out of fear for its members not to be hindered by the civilians inside al-Mashlab neighborhood, while the International Coalition’s warplanes are trying to intensify its targeting on the neighbourhood in order to secure a road for the “Euphrates Wrath” operation to advance into the neighbourhood.

Also the Syrian Observatory received confirmed information reported the participation of special forces of the International Coalition in the process of controlling Al-Raqqah city, the stronghold of the “Islamic State” organization in Syria, and the reports confirmed that a column of these forces headed towards the northern and western fronts of Al-Raqqah city, in which the Syrian democratic forces are present, to participate in the consultative and fight operations.