Violent clashes continue in several areas in Al-Raqqah city

Al-Raqqah Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: violent clashes continued between the Syria Democratic Forces backed by the US Special Forces on one hand and ISIS on the other in areas at the outskirts of Hisham Ben Abdel Malik neighborhood, west of Al-Raqqah city, in the Old City and in Al-Rmylah neighborhood in the northeastern part of Al-Raqqah.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday that the Syria Democratic Forces were able to enter the outskirts of al-Rawda neighborhood after being able to control al-Batani neighbourhood completely which is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Rawda and Rumaila in the northwestern section of the city, these clashes coincide with violent clashes between the Syria Democratic Forces against members of the organization in the Old City, where “Euphrates Wrath” Operation Forces have failed to hold control of the new points and locations to which they advanced in the Old City, as a result of the intense sniper fire and the escalation of targeting by bomb-carrying drones, and due to intense mine-planting by the organization and its fortification of areas of its presence, which forced them to retreat from these points.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also learned that the clashes are taking place at a varying rate of violence between the Syria Democratic Forces and the “Islamic State” organization in the housing of Euphrates Basin in Al-Dar’eiyah area in the western part of Al-Raqqah city, while the Syria Democratic Forces continue their sweeping operations and securing the neighborhoods of al-Bareed and al-Qasyeh west of the city, while the “Islamic State” organization is carrying out counter-attacks on sites where Syria Democratic Forces had advanced to in Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik neighborhood, amid continuation of intense overflights of Apache helicopters in the sky of the city and it participation in the fight against the organization, with successive bombardment by International Coalition warplanes on sites controlled by of organization, amid continuation of arrival of military reinforcements to Al-Raqqah city, in preparation for the decisive battle, of which the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation Forces are aiming to control the entire city of Al-Raqqah.

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