Clashes continue in Al-Raqqah city and airstrikes target the city and its countryside

Al-Raqqah Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 7 citizens -including a woman and 3 of her sons and another woman and her daughter- were documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, they were killed in bombing by the International Coalition warplanes on areas in Al-Raqqah city about two weeks from now, also the warplanes carried out more airstrikes in the last 24 hours, on areas in the countryside of Al-Raqqah, while the clashes continue between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition warplanes against members of the “Islamic State” organization in areas in Yarmouk neighbourhood and its outskirts, and on other places in the neighborhood of Bareed al-Dar’eiyah and in the Old City, in an attempt by each party to achieve advancement at the expense of the other party, the clashes were accompanied by exchange of shelling between both parties, and the flight of the International Coalition warplanes and targeting organization-controlled sites.


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