The Syria Democratic Forces backed by the International Coalition besiege the center of al-Raqqa city from 3 sides and continue their operations to go deep into the center of the city

Al-Raqqa Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: Violent clashes are still taking place between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by US special forces against members of the “Islamic State” organization in areas in the southern part of Al-Raqqa city from the central part of the city. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the Syria Democratic Forces were able to advance and continue to control the whole southern part of the city, amid continued shelling by the International coalition’s warplanes on the clash area, and an exchange of target, and thus the SDF Besieged the central neighborhoods from three sides linked to each other, while the northern side remained open as a result of the organization of the “Islamic State” bombing of the booby-trap vehicle in the northern section of the city of al-Raqqa, in an attempt to prevent the Syria Democratic Forces from advancing in this area into the city of al-Raqqa.


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