Resentment piles up in Khan Shaykhoun following the slaughter of a school principal, who were known for supporting the regime and her brother

Idlib Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: resentment piles up among the people of Khan Shaykhoun in the southern countryside of Idlib against the backdrop of the assassination of a school principal and her brother, who were slaughtered by knives in their house in Souq Sha’bi area in Khan Shaykhoun city. Local sources confirmed to the SOHR that the school principal was strict at her work and was pro-regime. The people of the town asserted that the assassinated school principal tended in the recent months to “insult and strongly criticize the rebels”. She was also against the interference of the military entities with the educational institutions and was involved more than once in debates and quarrels with some parties.

It should be noted that Idlib Province is witnessing assassination operations targeting rebels, military commanders, security forces and civilians by means of shooting, stabbing with sharp tools or by IED explosions, the last of which was the assassination of the Head of Endowments in Salqueen city who was shot dead by unknown gunmen last night.


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