More injuries raise the number of people killed and injured to about 29, in targeting in the capital and its suburbs

The SOHR learned that at least 7 people were injured with different severity due to the shells that targeted today Tuesday areas in the regime-controlled Al-Assad District near Harasta city, rising to at least of 290, the number of those killed and injured since the 16th of November 2017, where the SOHR documented the death of 41 persons including a woman and a child, whose death was documented by the SOHR since the 16th of November 2017, where about 247 persons were injured with different severity, and some of them suffer serious injuries, while some of them are still in serious conditions, which may increase the death toll, where they targeted during the past days places in Al-Dawila area, places in Al-Dawila, and Al-Sawika areas, areas of Al-Fahama and Khalid bin al-Walid Street, and other areas in Old Damascus, Al-Zablatany, Al-Mujtahed, al-Fayhaa, Al-Abasyeen, Al-Mayadeen, Seba’ Baharat, Aish Al-Warawar, Jermana, Dahyat Al-Assad, Military Teshereen Hospital and other places in the center of the capital.

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