More martyrs rises to 11 people including a displaced family from Idlib, those killed in massacre in the poultry farm in Afrin area and the airstrikes continue targeting the area

The aerials shelling is still ongoing along with violent clashes, and the death toll is still increasing, as a result of recovering more dead bodies from under the rubble caused by the aerial and artillery shelling on Afrin areas in the northeastern countryside eof Aleppo, where it rose to at least 11, the number of people killed and documented by the SOHR, who were killed in the massacre carried out by Turkish warplanes on poultry farm area in Jelbara village in the southeast of Afrin city, causing the death of 8 civilians from one family from Ma’ert Al-Noaman countryside in Idlib province, including a woman and 5 children below the age of 18, rising to 21 at least, including 6 children and women, the number of those killed within 24 hours of shelling of the Turkish forces and warplanes on Afrin area.

Airstrikes by squadron of warplanes consecutively target the area of Afrin , its vicinity, suburbs, and countryside, in conjunction with artillery and missile shelling on areas near the borders with Turkey and Iskenderun, while violent clashes are taking place between the SDF against the Turkish forces and the rebel and Islamic factions operating within the “Olive Branch” Operation in areas of Shenkal, Hamam, Kardo, Ada Many, Gharbala, and Balia, at the northern borders of Afrin with the Turkish side, and the western borders with Iskenderun, where the SOHR monitored human losses, where at least 6 fighters of the factions in these clashes, while 2 fighters of the SDF were killed in the same clashes.

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