A previous fall of shells on the capital Damascus leaves more human losses

Damascus Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: it has increased to 2, the number of children killed as a result of the fall of a shell yesterday on the area of Al-Fayhaa Complex in Damascus city, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday  that a child was killed and more than 6 others were injured with varying severity, as a result of an explosion in the area of Al-Fayhaa Complex in the middle of the capital, and sources said that it is caused by the fall of a shell on the area, raising to 196 including 27 children and 25 women, the number of those who were killed as result of fall of shells, and the SOHR documented more than 851 persons who were injured in the daily targeting in more than 4 consecutive months, including tens of children and women, and some of them are in serious conditions and suffer permanent disabilities, and the SOHR monitored the ongoing bad medical conditions of some injured, which may increase the death toll.

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