After years of siege and hunger… the citizens of Douma break in foodstuffs warehouses of Jaysh Al-Islam

Rif Dimashq Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: preparing the buses is still continuing in Douma city, to transfer those who refuse the agreement and the displaced people of fighters and their families and citizens, towards the Syrian North, after completing the batch, as a part of implementing the agreement between Jaysh Al-Islam on one hand, and the Russians and representatives of the regime on the other, and these preparations were coincided with the break in of more than 1000 citizens to warehouses of foodstuffs and fuel used to belong to Jaysh Al-Islam, and locals asserted to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the warehouses contain hundreds of tons of foodstuffs that were kept in Douma city, where the citizens took over food and fuel, after the siege imposed since 2013 on the area of the Eastern Ghouta.

And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored yesterday, a demonstration included hundreds of residents of Douma city. The demonstrators called for the exit of Abu Abd Al-Rahman Al-Kaka from Douma. The demonstrators, who mob out in front of Abu Kaka house, who is the “General Sharia Official”, shouted “Douma is free, free and Al-Kaka is out”. The locals stressed their calls to find solution to stop the bloodshed of civilians, the SOHR also published on the 28th of March 2018 the reliable sources stressed that state of resentment prevailed in the protests that went out on the streets on Wednesday the 28th of March calling for preventing more destruction to the city, through continuing the negotiations and reaching an agreement with the aforementioned terms and releasing thousands of kidnapped and prisoners in Al-Touba prison and other prisons of Jaysh Al-Islam.

Also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a circular issued by Jaysh al-Islam in written form, which was distributed through leaflets to the people in Douma, where Jaysh al-Islam talked about its decision to leave Douma completely after the “consulting the scholars and advisers”, and in response to popular pressure and the pressure of revolutionary institutions, as a result of a barbaric and intolerable bombardment, and that it is ready to serve those who wish to come out with it, wishing that those within the age of compulsory service to come out, because the regime required give them a six-month grace period and then calling them to serve the conscription service, and those who want to get out should start preparing for it, and for those who want to stay; the Chechen police will deploy in the vicinity of Douma, and the regime and its security branches are prevented from entering the city, and a committee will be formed to resolve the outstanding matters, while the people are given 6 months either to settle their situation or to leave the Eastern Ghouta, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from reliable sources that the agreement also provides for the return of school and university students to their educational institutions after settling the situation of the wanted ones, and reissuing identity papers for all those who lost their personal IDs during the past years, this will be carried out by coordinating with committees that will be formed for this purpose with the rehabilitation of the city and its infrastructure.


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