Within the first steps of central Syria’s displacement agreement, the heavy and medium weapons handing over continues as well as registration names of people wishing to exit and removing the dirt barricades

Homs province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the northern countryside of Homs witnesses a cautious calm, coinciding with the continuation of registering the names of those who refused the agreement and wish to leave to the north of Syria of fighters, their families and civilians, amid the continuation of handing over the heavy and medium weapons by the factions operating in the area to the regime forces and the Russians, also the process of removing the dirt barricades is still taking place to open the international road of Damascus Aleppo, which passes through the northern countryside of Homs and has been closed since more than 5 years ago, also this first step of the agreement took place yesterday, Thursday, despite the presence of factions and civilians who opposed the agreement.

The Syrian Observatory was published on two days ago that  it monitored the end of the meeting in the northern countryside of Homs, about the fate of the area and the fate of the southern countryside of Hama, and the SOHR learned from a number of intersected sources, that the meeting which lasted for more than 6 hours ended with a consensus between the both parties (representatives of the regime and Russians on one hand, and representatives of the northern countryside of Homs and the southern countryside of Hama on the other), on completing the preparations of the lists of the displaced people from the cities, towns and villages of the both areas, and handing over the heavy and medium weapons in 72 hours, to start the displacement processor towards the Syrian North -Jarabulus and Idlib-, so that those who refuse the agreement will leave and the situations of the fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions operating in the area and the dissidents who want to stay, will be settled, also the regime’s institutions will return to work, the return of students to schools and universities will be organized and the facilities will be reactivated as well as working on improving them, in addition to the entry of the Russian Military Police to the area.

And the sources confirmed to the SOHR that these conditions which includes both northern and southern countryside of Homs, were preceded by conditions including the handing over of heavy weapons by the factions and the entry of Russian military police with the reactivation of the government departments, and the meetings were coincided with ongoing ceasefire since the afternoon of Sunday in the northern countryside of Homs and the adjacent southern countryside of Hama, after the meeting that took place between representatives of both areas and between representative of the Russians and the regime, within the framework of search for a solution concerning the situation of both countryside, which witnessed yesterday, Monday, the 30th of April 2018, following a series of airstrikes and raids by warplanes and helicopters, mostly concentrated on the northern countryside of Homs, also the bombardment targeted areas in the southeastern countryside of Hama, which came after bringing large military reinforcements to both northern countryside of Homs and southern countryside of Hama, where the SOHR monitored that the regime forces have sent large military reinforcements of members, material, weapons and armored vehicles to the area, preparing for carrying out a military operation in the area aims to end the presence of the factions in the area and regain the control of the area by the regime forces.

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