Rocket Shells Target the Capital Damascus, Its Outskirts and Surroundings for The Second Day in A Row

Several explosions rocked areas in the capital Damascus, its outskirts and surroundings on Thursday afternoon, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the fall of rocket shells on places in the vicinity of al-Qazzaz area, Daff al-Shok area and al-Zahra neighborhood south of the capital, which caused material damage but no information about casualties yet, where rocket shells targeted the capital Damascus and its outskirts yesterday, Thursday, and the Syrian Observatory published that the numbers of casualties continues to rise in the capital Damascus, as a result of the missile targeting of al-Maysat area and Damascus Tower in al-Marjah, where it rose to 4 at least (and two of them were civilians at least and one of them is a teacher), the number of people who were killed and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was able to document after this targeting, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published during the past few hours that 2 explosions were heard in the center of the capital, and they were caused by the fall of 2 rocket shells, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that one of them targeted Damascus Trade Tower which is located in the area between Victoria and al-Thawra Street, while the other one targeted al-Maysat area.

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