More of intensive and insane shelling raises to about 1270, the number of air and rocket strikes which have targeted Muthallath al-Mawt since morning

The warplanes and helicopters are continuing to fly over the area of Muthallath al-Mawt (the triangle of death), which contains areas of the far north-western countryside of Daraa and the central countryside of Al-Quneitra, along with carrying out more violent and intensive airstrikes, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored today evening, the 15th of July 2018, that the warplanes and helicopters intensively and violently targeted by raids and explosive barrels, places in the hill of Al-Hara, the hill of MasHara, Aqrapa and other places in Muthallath al-Mawt, where it rose to 228, the number of raids and explosive barrels which have targeted Muthallath al-Mawt since today morning, Sunday, where most of the strikes targeted the hill of Al-Hara and the hill of MasHara, while the regime forces are continuing their rocket shelling on the area, where it rose to more than 1040, the number of rocket and artillery shells which have targeted the area since morning, while the ongoing aerial and rocket shelling are accompanied by continued clashes in the areas of the hill of MasHara and Al-Tiha, between the factions against the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them, as a part of the continued attack by the latter on the area in an attempt to expand their scope of control, where the regime forces managed to advance into Al-Tiha, amid confirmed information about the fall of more human losses in the ranks of the both parties.

And the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that it documented the fall of more human losses raising to 20 including 3 officers -one of them is a senior officer and a regiment commander- the number of fighters of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them who were killed in these clash and targeting, while the number of fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions who were killed in the same clash rose to 17 today, Sunday, the 15th of July 2018, while the Syrian Observatory published yesterday Saturday that the province of Daraa is witnessing continuation of the negotiations and consultations to reach a final solution about Al-Harrah town and its strategic hill which is the highest hill in Daraa province, and which the regime forces lost their control on it in early October 2014, and the Syrian Observatory monitored the continuation of negotiation about the entry of the regime forces to Nawa city, the raising of the regime’s flags and the return of the government institutions to work in the city which is the last one out of the regime’s control, and the advancement of the regime forces will manage them to encircle the enclave which is under the control of Jaysh Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed which pledges allegiance to the “Islamic State” organization, in the west of Daraa, after the handover of weapons in Daraa city, Inkhil city, Jasim town and other areas in Daraa countryside.

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