more than 33 civilians and 26 fighters killed in Aleppo yesterday's midnight


Aleppo province: 33 civilians including, 6 children and 2 women, were killed by the regime bombardment on the Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood. 13 civilians, including 7 children and 3 women, were killed by barrel bombs dropped by regime helicopters on the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo.

8 al-Nusra fighters were killed yesterday by barrel bombs dropped on their base in the Muwasalat area in the Sha'ar neighbourhood, a large number of injured.

Clashes between an islamist brigade and the ISIS by the Infantry School. The clashes started today after 2 car bombs went off by the entrance checkpoints. The School is considered a base for the islamist brigade. 26 combatants from both sides have been killed so far by the clashes, including 9 ISIS fighters and the military commander of the brigade.
Islamist and rebel forces regained control of large parts of the al-Ra'i village after days of violent clashes with the ISIS. Clashes continue there since the ISIS brought reinforcements from al-Bab city.
The airforce opened fire on the Aleppo-Raqqah highway in Deir Hafer town and the western entrance of al-Bab city, which is under ISIS control, with no reports of losses.
Clashes between islamist forces against regime and NDF forces on the edges of Ein Assan village, definite reports of losses on both sides. Reports that 4 regular soldiers were killed during clashes with the ISIS by al-Sfeira city.
Created On 2014-02-02

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