With regime’s fail to free them, ISIS transports al-Suwaidaa abductees to Rif Dimashq and the resentment mounts as the failure is justified with calls to consider them "as martyrs" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With regime’s fail to free them, ISIS transports al-Suwaidaa abductees to Rif Dimashq and the resentment mounts as the failure is justified with calls to consider them “as martyrs”

Al-Suwaidaa Province and villages of the northern countryside of which were attacked by ISIS on the 25th of July 2018, are witnessing a sharp increase in resentment, after calls made by p[arties in al-Suwaidaa to consider the abductees of its countryside “as martyrs”, the great increase in the resentment came in conjunction with the release of a new video showing the displaced women alive, with the deterioration of the health of some abductees, where they were transported by cars slowly towards areas controlled by the” Islamic State “organization in Rif Dimashq, after the regime forces managed to regain control over the entire province of al-Suwaidaa.

This resentment is accompanied by the increase of concerns over the lives of abductees of al-Suwaidaa countryside, following the failure of the regime and dignitaries of al-Suwaidaa once more to reach an agreement that would end the suffering of abductees, and return them to their families, after being held for the 20th consecutive day by the “Islamic State” organization, where the regime refrains from carrying out the conditions of the Organization, which are securing a corridor to withdraw completely towards the desert of Homs, and releasing a number of ISIS members in Daraa and other detainees held by the regime in connection with ISIS.

In the same context, the administrative border of Rif Dimashq with al-Suwaidaa Province are witnessing clashes at violent pace in areas in the vicinity of Tlul al-Safa area and other areas in Rif Dimashq, between the “Islamic State” organization against the regime forces supported by gunmen loyal to them, in the context of continuous attack by the regime on the area, which is located less than 50 km away of areas controlled by the International Coalition and the western and American-backed factions, where the clashes are accompanied by continuous exchange of shelling between both parties, and information about more casualties in the ranks of them both, and the Syrian Observatory published last night that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the continued military operations between the regime forces backed by armed militiamen loyal to them against the members of the “Islamic State” organization, in places in the vicinity of Tlul Al-Safa area and other areas in the desert of Rif Dimashq, at a distance of about 50 km away from the controlled areas of the International Coalition and factions backed by the US and western countries, where the clashes are coincided with intensive shelling by the regime forces in an attempt to take the control of the area, amid exchange of targeting in the clash areas, and information about confirmed human losses in the ranks of the both parties, also, the SOHR learned that the regime forces and armed militiamen loyal to them are continuing to sweep the areas over which they imposed their control in Al-Suwaidaa province, in search for sleeper cells of the organization or members hiding in the area.

And the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that it monitored the regime forces achieving a strategic advancement, by completely controlling over what remained of the east and northeast of al-Suwaidaa, after an escalated military operation since the 5th of August 2018, which was started as a result of an attack by the “Islamic State” Organization in the countryside of al-Suwaidaa on the 25th of July 2018, and killed about 260 local civilians and armed men, and this advancement and control operation came after a violent attack by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, I which enabled them first to control hills and heights in the area, which expanded their ability to monitor wider areas of the Syrian Desert, also with the help of the intense shelling that targeted al-Suwaidaa desert and the organization’s sites, they achieved more advancement and rapidly controlled more areas, until today, Sunday, the 12th of August, where they were able to control al-Suwaidaa Province completely, to be the 5th province completely under the control of the regime forces, after Tartous, Damascus, Daraa, and Quneitra.

In the same context, fears for the life of the abductees increase among their relatives and al-Suwaidaa people, after failing so far to release about 30 abductees and after executing a young man and the death of a woman of the abductees in mysterious circumstances, where their fate is now unknown and there is no information about where they have been taken to by the organization, which was forced to withdraw to Rif Dimashq, to confine itself between areas of presence of the International Coalition and its supporting factions and between al-Suwaidaa Province, while the regime forces continue their operation towards Rif Dimashq, amid renewed targeting operations for the area, and the clashes have caused casualties and injuries in the ranks of both parties, where the Syrian Observatory has so far documented during the military operation in al-Suwaidaa the death of at least 14 of the regime forces during the last week, and more than 30 members of the Organization who have been killed since the 5th of August 2018, also this advancement operation followed the arrival of military reinforcements of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them to the countryside of al-Suwaidaa, it also came with the framework of the regime forces to end the existence of the organization in al-Suwaidaa Province, and to fully control the 5th Syrian province after controlling 4 other provinces, also the concerns increased among families of the Al-Suwaidaa abductees of a reaction by the “Islamic State” organization, in regard with what happened today morning, Tuesday the 7th of August 2018, where gunmen loyal to the regime forces has executed a member of the organization after capturing him alive then they hung him in a square in Al-Suwaidaa city, hanged him and put the banner of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, while it is noteworthy that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 258 people at least, they are 142 civilians including 38 women and children, and 116 gunmen most of them are of the people of the countryside of Al-Suwaidaa province, who took up arms to repel the violent and surprising attack of the organization, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 63 ISIS members including 7 suicide bombers who blew themselves up in the city and in its countryside, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also monitored that Pro-regime gunmen hanging up a member of the organization, local sources said that he was detained during the arrival of his body in a hospital in Al-Suwaidaa city, where he was executed and his body was hanged up in the city, amid a crowd of tens of citizens in the area.

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