As a part of the continued violations against the residents of the area…a member of a faction of the “Olive Branch” Operation assaults an elderly woman after she refused to leave her house • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As a part of the continued violations against the residents of the area…a member of a faction of the “Olive Branch” Operation assaults an elderly woman after she refused to leave her house

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: resentment is prevailing Afrin area against the continued violations by the factions and their members against the residents, where locals confirmed that members of the factions turn to fabricate accusations against some citizens and terrify them, in order to seize their possessions or collect royalties from them, and the Syrian Observatory documented in the past few hours, that a member of Jaysh al-Sharqiyyah faction, assaulted and beat a Kurdish elderly woman, in Mahmoudia neighborhood in Afrin city, as the woman refused to leave her house, after bringing charges against her that her sons belong to the Democratic Union Party and to the Kurdish forces, then a verbal dispute began between the member and the elderly woman, which ended with assaulting and beating the elderly woman by the member who belongs to a security force in Jaysh al-Sharqiyyah faction operating under the banner of the Operation “Olive Branch” led by the Turkish forces.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 12th of August 2018, that violations continue in Afrin area in the northwestern countryside of Hama, where intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that after the end of lootings by the Turkish-backed factions for the citizens property and the contents of inhabited and uninhabited houses, and confiscating and burning houses and farms, the factions operating in the Turkish forces-led “Olive Branch” operation began looting the public property, where the Syrian Observatory monitored during the past 48 hours gunmen of the Sultan Murad Division cutting off the copper electric cables, assembling, and stealing them from an area near al-Nowruz Roundabout in the middle of Afrin, where some people came out to question their identity and why they were there, but a member of the group said: “we are thieves, you better enter your home,” also another person asked them why are they cutting the copper electricity cables, another member answered in the same way: “we are fixing the electricity for you”, and the local sources confirmed that in conjunction with this robbery, a military police patrol passed through the area where the division of Sultan Murad are stealing the cables, which led a verbal altercation and very loud screams, but the Free Police were unable to stop the robbery and returned to its headquarters, after which the Turkish armored vehicles came to roam in the area, which pushed members of the group to flee but they came back to complete the stealing one the Turkish patrol left the area, the sources confirmed that this stealing lasted more than 3 hours without any force to prevent them from stealing.

The Syrian Observatory published 72 hours ago, that Afrin is still witnessing violations, where neither the cries of the sufferers nor the decisions of those controlling it stoped these violations, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the factions operating within the Operation “Olive Branch” are continuing to carry out violations against the people of Afrin area, who refused to displace and stayed in their houses, villages and towns, and the local sources confirmed again that the factions are seeking through the arrests to trade in the detainees, through arresting residents on charge of various accusations, most of which are related to their relations with the Kurdish forces during the period of the latter’s control on Afrin, then the detainees are tortured and contact takes place with their relatives to pay sums of money in return for releasing them, while reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that these violations targeted more residents, along with the continuation of the factions operating within the Operation “Olive Branch” to detain hundreds of Syrian citizens of the people of Afrin area in their detention centers, and to torture and insult them, also the Syrian Observatory monitored in a video -of which the Syrian Observatory received a copy- persons believed to be of a faction operating in Afrin area, beating a man from Afrin area and forcing him to direct a massage to his relatives to collect the money they have and pay it to the faction in return for setting him free, which provoked the locals’ resentment, and the non response of the Turkish forces to the complains that were presented by the residents, escalated the pace of this resentment, where the residents have informed the Syrian Observatory that they presented a lot of complains to the Turkish forces but they ignored them.

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