The truce completes its 4th day with more violations and with a request of "Turkish guardianship" signed by several local councils in Idlib province in response to "those who demand the return of the regime and its control" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The truce completes its 4th day with more violations and with a request of “Turkish guardianship” signed by several local councils in Idlib province in response to “those who demand the return of the regime and its control”

The Turkish – Russian truce has completed its 4th consecutive day, with violations which targeted several areas in Idlib and Hama provinces, where the Syrian Observatory monitored targeting operations in the past 24 hours, by more than 12 shells, to areas in Murak and Al-Lataminah amid targeting by heavy machineguns to areas in Al-Sakhr village, in addition to targeting by the regime forces by more shells to areas in Al-Taman’aa town which is located in the southern countryside of Idlib, along with the fall of several rocket shells on areas in the fronts of Jabal Al-Turkman, and Al-Yamdiyyah near the administrative border of Idlib province, which caused material damage, while 2 members of Duat Al-Jihad Center were killed after being targeted by 2 rocket shells while they were fortifying positions on the contact lines with the regime forces, in the eastern countryside of Idlib, within the fortifications to the fronts and the contact lines by the factions operating in the area and in entire Idlib and Hama, including Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham and the National Liberation Front.

This truce is still continuing to be in effect within Aleppo, Lattakia, Idlib and Hama province, with more daily violations by the regime forces, through aerial, artillery and rocket shelling, and it is coincided with issuing a joint statement by the local councils operating in the province of Idlib, stamped with the seals of the local councils agreed in the statement, about requesting the Turkish guardianship over their areas, and intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that this statement was coincided with repeated requests by some of the inhabitants who want reconciliations with the regime calling for the entry of the latter to their areas, as well as propagandizing by some of media bodies of the regime forces that the military operation which is being prepared for, will be carried out in a response to the demands of the residents about the entry of the regime to the area, where “the council of Khan Shaykhun city, Umm Al-Khalakhil Gathering Council, Khafsin Council, Barsah Gathering Council, Seraa Council, Maar Shamshah Council, Jarjnaz Council, Al-Tah Council, Kafr Sajna Council, Maasaran Council, Farja Council, Maar Shamarin Council, Marshourin Council, Al-Deir Al-Sharqi Council, Halbeh Council”, and other councils operating in the countryside of Idlib province, signed a statement -of which the Syrian Observatory received a copy- says “as a result of the internal and external conspiracies that are being planed in our areas, we emphasize the following: we adhere the constants of our blessed revolution, we defend the sanctity of the blood of our martyrs, we absolutely refuse the entry of Al-Assad’s gang or the Russian occupier to our areas, each person in Al-Assad’s gang claims that he represents any village or town in the area, he only represents himself, we call the Turkish government to immediately interfere and apply the Turkish guardianship, and we pledge to cooperate with our Turkish brothers to control the area, we also call them to activate the educational, services and health institutions and the other institutions in the liberated area”.

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