The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

11 military leaders from militia of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards die over the last 24 hours

Reliable sources confirmed for SOHR that the number of members who died during the Israeli airstrike on a house and 2 cars in al- Amal farmland in the countryside of al- Quneitera is 6; 5 military leaders in Hezbollah and a leading figures in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who is a commander of brigades in the Guards.


The same resources confirmed that 5 Iranian experts in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards died when a Russian- made Anatov army cargo planes crashed near the airbase of Abo al- Dohur day before yesterday, where 30 members of the regime forces died, including 13 officers. Thus, those Iranian experts did not die during the Israeli attack on the countryside of al- Quneitera.