The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

48 hours after demonstrations called for arresting its commander who is accused of raping a woman…mobilization against “Sultan Suleiman Shah” brigade in Afrin and the factions send reinforcements to arrest “wanted” members of the brigade

Aleppo Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored today, Sunday the 26th of August 2018, mobilization in Sheikh Hadid area and Maabatli Township in the western sector of the countryside of Afrin city, in support of the Free Police operating in Afrin area, within the campaign it launched against Sultan Suleiman Shah brigade, in order to arrest members it said that they are “abusive members”, who were demanded to be arrested in the past days, and intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that this tension came after the command ship of Sultan Suleiman Shah brigade refused to hand over the wanted members to the Free Police, which pushed factions operating in Afrin area to send reinforcements and support the Free Police to control the situation.

The Syrian Observatory monitored on the 24th of August 2018, the tens of people, the majority of whom were fighters of factions working within “Olive Branch” Operation, protesting at al-Villat area in Afrin city northwest of Aleppo, demanding “Qisas” from the commander of “Sultan Suleiman Shah” brigade, called Mohammed al-Jassim “Abu Amsha”, after the spread of a video of a woman accusing Abu Amsha of raping her in Sheikh Hadid area in the countryside of Afrin, and in the same context, “Shuhada’a al-Sharqiyyah Assembly” issued a statement and the Syrian Observatory received a copy of it, the statement says:

“We at Shuhada’a al-Sharqiyyah Assembly declare that we will not stand idly in the face of violations and violations against the honor of the Muslims carried out by the leader of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, and we give our brothers in Sultan Salman Shah Brigade a maximum of 24 hours to be claim no responsibility of Abu Amsha and his actions, that have nothing to do with morals of Islam or the morals of the Syrian revolutionaries, and we are still waiting for the Judicial Committee to complete its investigations and proof, then we will strike by an hand of iron at anyone who assaults the honor of Muslim women and offends the Free Syrian Army.”

It worth mentioning that a video has spread showing a woman named Israa Khalil, accusing the commander of Sultan Suleiman Shah “Abu Amsha” of raping her several times at gunpoint and killing her husband, she said that her husband is working as a fighter in the Suleiman Shah faction and that the brother of Abu Amsha frequently comes to their home, and she said that Abu Amsha came one day and hit her and her daughter then he raped her after he sent her husband out of the house, and that rape was repeated several times, also she stated that on one occasion she was summoned with her husband on the pretext of investigating a female YPG fighter, where her husband was thrown out and he entered with her into an empty house and raped her, Israa Khalil stated that Abu Amsha had been threatening her with killing her and all her family if she did talked about his outrageous actions,  while Mohammed al-Jassim “Abu Amsha” denied what she said via a voice recording, he said: “to our great Syrian people, I am the leader of Sultan Suleiman Shah talking to you from al-Kaaba, and what is being said by Israa Khalil is a lie and a slander for the purpose of financial blackmail.”