The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces intensify their violations to the Russian – Turkish truce through ground shelling which targeted 6 towns and villages in the north of Hama and the south of Idlib

The regime forces returned to violate the Russian – Turkish truce, through artillery and rocket shelling which targeted several areas in both Idlib and Hama countryside, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored artillery shelling by the regime forces on areas in the vicinity of Kafr Zita town, and other areas in the vicinity of Al-Sakhr village, as well as places in Al-Lataminah town, along with their targeting to areas in the villages of Lahaya and M’aarkaba, in the northern sector of Hama countryside, in conjunction with shelling which targeted areas in Al-Hbit town in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, which caused material damage, without information about casualties.

And the SOHR published hours ago, that the cautious calm of the truce, comes with ongoing movements by the regime force, where the SOHR monitored that they brought more vehicles and soldiers within the ongoing military reinforcements which arrive successively and continuously in the controlled areas of the regime forces in Hama, Lattakia and Idlib, as a part of ongoing preparations for the grand battle of Idlib, and the Syrian Observatory also published today morning, that it documented the killing of at least one member of the regime forces because of the clashes and attacks by the factions in Jabal al-Turkman during the past hours, within the continuation of violations of the Russian – Turkish truce which is applied in Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, and Idlib. And in the same context, the Syrian Observatory monitored a cautious calm all overall the Russian – Turkish truce areas as it enters its 12th consecutive day, except for clashes and targeting of al-Rashedin area on the western outskirts of Aleppo, where sporadic targeting and exchange of shootings took place between the Regime Forces and militiamen loyal to them against, the factions, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday night that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored more explosions in the northern sector of Hama countryside, caused by artillery shelling by the regime forces, which targeted areas in the vicinity of Kafr Zita town and other places in the town, as well as areas in the outskirts Al-Zakah village, and in the vicinity of Murak and M’aarkaba, where the area was targeted by about 35 shells all through the 11th day of the truce, which was completed with breaches to the Turkish – Russian truce in the area of the truce’s implementation within Aleppo, Lattakia, Idlib and Hama province.