The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After less than 24 hours of Tehran trio, the Russian warplanes carry out intensive raids on Idlib

Areas of the Russian – Turkish truce in the 4 provinces of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo, and Latakia in its 4th day of its 3rd week, is witnessing the continuation of violations in a continuation of the fragility of the truce, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored new violations by the regime forces and warplanes, and the Syrian Observatory monitored violent explosions caused bombardment by warplanes and the helicopter by more than 35 air raids and barrel bombs. The Russian warplanes carried out more than 33 raids distributed as following: 4 raids targeted areas in al-Lataminah town in the northern countryside of Hama, more than 29 raids targeted areas on the outskirts of Khan Shaykhun city and its vicinity, areas in al-Serj village in Jarjanaz countryside in the eastern countryside of Idlib, and other areas in the vicinity of Abdeen village, also regime’s helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on areas in Khan Shaykhun city, one of which landed north of the Civil Defense Center, and the Syrian Observatory has also monitored a series of consecutive shelling by the regime forces targeted areas in al-Khwyn town, Sahal, Tal Sukayk, and other places in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, in conjunction with artillery shelling targeted areas in al-Lataminah town, amid shelling targeted places in KafrZitta area, within the renewed shelling of the regime forces, which caused material damage but no information about casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published this morning that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored more violations on the 25th day of the Russian – Turkish truce, where the regime forces launched rocket shells on Lataminah town in the northern countryside of Hama, after they targeted the town by shells after midnight of yesterday, the regime forces also shelled after midnight of yesterday places in Jabal al-Akrad in the northeastern countryside of Latakia, also the Syrian Observatory monitored clashes in al-Leramoun area northwest of Aleppo, between the rebel and Islamic factions against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, accompanied by exchange of targeting between both parties, but no information about casualties yet.

Other than that, the cautious calm has been prevailing areas of the Russian Turkish truce which is applied in Aleppo, Hama, Latakia, and Idlib, and entered its 25th consecutive day. In the same context, the Syrian Observatory monitored the schools in Jisr al-Shughur and its countryside close today, Saturday, the 8th of September2018, fearing the extensive shelling that targets the countryside of Idlib, which caused human losses and material damage, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday evening that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the breaches to  the Russian – Turkish truce applied in the provinces of Idlib, Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama, escalated today, Friday the 7th of September 2018, where the Syrian Observatory monitored shelling by more than 70 shells, which targeted today evening, areas in Qalaat al-Madiq town which is located in the north-western countryside of Hama, at the administrative border with Idlib province, some of them have targeted a headquarters of a faction operating in the area, and the intensive shelling resulted in the fall of casualties, where a child and a fighter of a rebel faction were killed, as well as the injury of others with varying severity, thus, it rose to more than 300, the number of shells which targeted the southern countryside of Idlib and the northern countryside of Hama, where a portion of the shelling targeted areas in Al-Hbit town and its vicinity, as well as other areas in Khan Shaykhun and its vicinity, while the largest portion of the shelling targeted areas in Kafr Zita and its vicinity in the northern countryside of Hama, as well as areas in Sahl Al-Ghab in the north-western countryside of Hama, and the SOHR has documented 22 raids carried out by warplanes, 10 of which have targeted the vicinity of Al-Hbit town, while 6 others targeted Khan Shaykhun city, while 2 other raids were carried out on Tel A’as area as well as 2 others on Al-Sayyad village and 2 others on the vicinity of Kafr Zita, which resulted in the death of 5 persons, they are 4 fighters of an Islamic movement, and a citizen who were all killed in the strikes which targeted areas in the vicinity of Al-Hbit town, and the death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of 15 injured cases some of whom are in serious conditions, and the bombardment caused destruction to the a headquarters of the movement.

And with the fall of more human losses, it rose to 7, the number of people who were killed today in the aerial and ground shelling on the vicinity of  Al-Hbit and Qalaat al-Madiq, in both countryside of Hama and Idlib, they are 5 fighters of an Islamic movement, as well as a citizen and a child, the Syrian Observatory also published hours ago, that it monitored that the likelihoods of launching the grand battle are rising every day more and more, where the regime forces are preparing more and more for it, and at the same time the rebel and Islamic factions are preparing for repelling this attack, and in the midst of both preparation, the civilians are still the first victims and the first to be mourn after any artillery, missile, aerial shelling or clash may take place in the coming period, where Idlib Province and the parts connected to it of the northern Mountains of Latakia, Sahl al-Ghab in the northwestern countryside of Hama, the northern countryside of Hama, and the southern, eastern, and southeastern countryside of Idlib, and the southern and southwestern countryside of Aleppo, include millions of residents and displaced people who came from other areas from Daraa, Quneitra, south and east of Damascus, Eastern Ghouta, Western Ghouta, west of Rif Dimashq, Homs Province, south of Hama, and other areas, of who fell between the hammer of the regime and its allies and the anvil of the closed borders and the narrow geographical area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also monitored the increase in pace of regime’s preparations to start the grand battle of Idlib, and the Syrian Observatory learned from intersected sources that the regime forces have mobilized the majority of their forces who fought previously against the factions and the “Islamic State” organization, and moved them to the contact lines and clash fronts in the countryside of Idlib, Hama, Latakia, and Aleppo, in order to have the upper hand in the battle, for which they have mobilized more than 2000 armored vehicle so far, and called for tens of thousands of members of their forces and the gunmen loyal to them, in addition to summoning their officers and operation commanders, headed by the Brigadier General Suhail al-Hassan, known as the “al-Nemr” (the tiger), while the regime forces are following the tactic of scattered shelling, through moving the shelled area between the day and the other, and concentrating the shelling each time on an area without the other, to disperse fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions, Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, the Islamic Turkestani Party, and the factions operating in factions’ controlled areas north, east, and west of the contact line between the regime forces and the factions, extending from the northern mountains of Latakia to the southern countryside of Aleppo passing through Sahl al-Ghab and the eastern and southeastern countryside of Idlib, while the areas of control of the rebel and Islamic factions, the National Liberation Front, the Turkestani  Islamic party, Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, Hurras al-Dien Organization also witnessed preparations to confront these large crowds if the battle was launched, where they dug tunnels and trenches, strengthened their positions and points, and increased the number of their fighters on the fronts.