The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fighting continues in Rif Dimashq Desert in an attempt by the regime and Hezbollah to advance into the depth of Tlul Al-Safa area hours after a video from Al-Suwaidaa abductees

Rif Dimashq Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the continued military operations in Rif Dimashq Desert, within the ongoing attempts by the regime forces to advance with their allies of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities and the Lebanese Hezbollah into Tlul Al-Safa area on the administrative border with Al-Suwaidaa province, which resulted in continuing the clashes between them against the members of the “Islamic State” organization, where the clashes are accompanied by more exchange of targeting in the clash areas, amid the continued fears over the lives of about 30 children and citizen women who were kidnapped by the organization, after they appeared hours ago in a video, of which the Syrian Observatory received a copy.

And the copy of the video showed the kidnapped people of al-Suwaidaa who are about 30 children and citizen women, of whom a 19-year-old boy was executed in addition to the death of a woman in mysterious circumstances, and one of the abducted women said in the video: “We are the prisoners of the Islamic State, we are all fine and no one is harmed among us, but no one is working to release us, neither the regime nor Russia, and we wish that those who see this video work in our cause and release us as soon as possible,” and this video comes in the wake of failure of the continuous negotiations in reaching a solution that ends the tragedy of the abductees, and brings them to their families after they were abducted on the 25th of July 2018.

And the clashes resulted in the fall of more human losses, where it rose to 241, the number of ISIS members who have been killed in the bombings, shelling and clashes since the 25th of July 2018, while at least 118 members of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them were killed in the same period, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented since the attack of ISIS in Al-Suwaidaa countryside on the 25th of July 2018, the death of about 142 citizens including 38 women and children, in addition to the killing of 116 people, the majority of whom were of the gunmen villagers who carried the gun to repel the organization’s attack, and a 19-year-old boy was executed by ISIS after being kidnapped along with about 30 others, and a woman died when she was held by ISIS in conditions that still vague so far.