The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After hours of calm in Russian – Turkish truce areas, the regime forces violet it again by renewed shelling targets south of Idlib

Areas of the Russian – Turkish truce in the 4 provinces continues to witness more violations, in the light of the fact that the guarantors are unable to control and limit them, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored targeting by the regime forces by serval shells, targeted areas on the outskirts of al-Khwyn town in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, which will be within the buffer area according to the new Russian – Turkish agreement, but no information about casualties, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published yesterday, that violations continue to the Russian – Turkish truce applied in the 4 provinces (Hama, Aleppo, Idlib and Lattakia), despite the guarantors’ efforts and renewed promises, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that the regime forces targeted areas in Jabal Al-Turkman in the north-eastern countryside of Lattakia, which resulted in the outbreak of fires in the area, without information about injuries, also areas in al-Jisat which is located in the northern countryside of Hama, were shelled by the regime forces, and the SOHR has monitored that the regime forces renewed the targeting of areas in Latakia mountains, where they shelled areas in Kabani and Jabal al-Akrad, also the regime forces shelled Qoqfeen area in the western countryside of Idlib, in conjunction with targeting by the regime forces for areas in al-Sermaniyyeh town in Sahl al-Ghab at the northwestern countryside of Hama, where the factions responded and targeted by shells places in Joureen area which is controlled by the regime forces; and Foro area near the regime forces’ camp in Joureen in the northwestern countryside of Hama, but no information about casualties so far, this come as a part of the daily renewed violations of the Russian – Turkish truce, which is falling apart in the light of the inability of the guarantors to control it, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published this morning that the regime forces renewed their targeting after midnight of yesterday of areas in Jabal al-Akrad in the northeastern countryside of Latakia, which is a new breach of the Russian – Turkish truce in the 4 provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia, while several shells launched by the regime forces this morning and fell on areas on the outskirts of al-Tamanah town in southern countryside of Idlib, but no information about casualties.

and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published last night that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored exchange of targeting and shelling between the regime forces against the factions in the countryside of Hama, Idlib and Lattakia, where the regime forces shelled places in Al-Buwaydah village and the vicinity of Al-Lataminah town in the northern countryside of Hama, as well as other places in the countryside of Jisr Al-Shughur city in the western countryside of Idlib, the regime forces also targeted intensively by rocket shells, places in the area of Jabal Al-Akrad and other positions under the factions’ control in Jabal Al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Lattakia, while the factions targeted areas controlled by the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them in the northern countryside of Lattakia by several rocket shells, where a missile fell on an area in Dagherion village at Aleppo – Lattakia Highway, while the other rocket shells targeted Ikku village and other areas controlled by the regime forces in the northern countryside of Lattakia, and no information about casualties was reported yet, this escalation through the exchange of rocket shelling, comes hours after Jaysh al-Izza formally announced its rejections to the terms of the Russian – Turkish agreement about the buffer zone extended from Lattakia countryside to the south-western countryside of Aleppo passing through Hama and Idlib, where the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that as a part of the rejection of the majority of the opposition factions operating in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama and Lattakia, to the proposal presented by the Turkish Intelligence after the meeting which took place 2 days ago with the factions, the faction of Jaysh al-Izza has issued a statement formally announcing its rejection to several terms of the proposal that provides on withdrawing the vehicles and heavy weapons and retreat back within the buffer area, while the rest factions that reject the Turkish proposal, are still abstaining from publishing their rejection in public, and the statement of Jaysh al-Izza that rejects some terms of the Turkish proposal, says:

“The free people of the Revolution and our brothers in the revolutionary and rebel factions, since the beginning of our blessed revolution, we have been presented in our trenches and we paid attention to nothing but them in order to put an end to the injustice imposed over our people and to liberate our country from the criminal regime and later from the Russian and Persian occupation, the invaders failed to advance into our areas despite we have subjected to more than 20,000 air strikes and heavy shelling by rocket launchers, artillery and dirty weapons of destruction including chemical weapons, and the Liberated Syrian North presented more than 200,000 martyrs and a similar number of wounded and became a stronghold for the honorable revolutionaries from all of Syria, Turkey worked on preventing a holocaust from being carried out against our civilian people which forced the Russians, through Sochi Conference to circumvent the firmness of the revolutionaries backed by the popular incubator, and this agreement which was announced about, included a truce in the Syrian North that prevents bloodshed and provides on establishing a demilitarized zone at a wide of between 15-20 km by equal shares between the liberated and occupied areas, and according to what have been announced about, we issued a statement of thanks to the Turkish brothers for their efforts in preventing the shedding of our people’s blood, but it was revealed later that the entire demilitarized zone is agreed to be established within the liberated area only where Turkish – Russian joint patrols will be deployed and they will be entitled to search any place they want in this area which we has liberated by the blood of our martyrs and our people’s sacrifices, and this area includes (Lattakia countryside and Jisr Al-Shughur – Sahl Al-Ghab with Jabal Shashabo – Kafr Nabudah and Al-Hbit extending up to the north of Khan Shaykhun and Al-Taman’aa reaching the border of Maarrat Al-Nu’man to the outskirts of Saraqib and both southern and western countryside of Aleppo), which means that the area returned to the regime as a result of the presence of its ally, Russia, in it, and in the wake of this recent situation, we in Jaysh al-Izza announce that we will never accept the demilitarized zone to be in our side only and it must be established in two equal parts.

We reject the patrols of the Russian occupation to be deployed on the entire of our liberated lands.

We reject the opening of the international roads which will break the tight grip on Iran and the regime and let their trade run, except when the detainees are released from the regime’s slaughterhouses.

We hope the Turkish brothers, who are entrusted with our issue, no to let Sochi agreement die as it happened in the agreement of decreasing the escalation which collapsed and the areas have been handed over to the regime as the president Erdogan described in his statements.

And we call on our revolutionary sisters to listen to the people of the Revolution in their great demonstrations in the entire Liberated North, and we in Jaysh al-Izza pledge Allah and our people to maintain the constants of the Revolution to overthrow the regime and liberate the entire Syria, and we will never bargain our martyrs’ blood, we will never let their sons and our nobles down, and we will never forget our sons and brothers in jails”.