The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fighters execute a detainee, and the Islamic Legitimate Court sentence to death 10 others



SOHR had received a copy of a footage showing 2 masked fighters with 11 detainees of “al- Shabiha and mercenaries of Hezbollah”. One of the fighters read a statement saying that the 11 detainees were brought to the Islamic Legitimate Court in the area by our brothers who are in charge of exchange of prisoners with the Nusayri infidel regime. As a result of not responding to the demands of al- Mujahedeen by the Nusayri regime after giving it enough time limit the detainees were sentenced to death; to execute 1 man every 5 days.


The 2 fighters wrote the names of detainees after reading the statement in order to draw lots to choose one of the detainees to be executed. One of the fighters read another statement declaring, “This is a message from the Mujahedeen on al- Sham land to the Nusayri infidel regime which make our people suffer from all kinds of tortures like killing children, women and old men, arresting young men and destroying people properties. So, it is our duty to protect and defend the weak.”


“The Islamic Legitimate Court sentenced the 11 detainees to death if the regime refused to exchange prisoners with us within a deadline of 3/30/1436 AH (after Hijra), the statement added.


“We draw attention that in case of responding to our brothers, who are in charge of exchanging process, we are going to exchange the rest of detainees”, the statement ended.


A third fighter dragged the selected one to a corridor in the post where the fighters and prisoners exist in and executed him by shooting his head. The detainees appealed their families and the regime in order to work on releasing them.