27 million USD hamper the release of al-Suwaidaa abductees after regime’s authorities approved the release of 38 detainees of families of ISIS members • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

27 million USD hamper the release of al-Suwaidaa abductees after regime’s authorities approved the release of 38 detainees of families of ISIS members

The sit-in is still taking place by families of the kidnapped people and civilians of the al-Suwaidaa province and by people who stand with them, in front of the province building in al-Suwaidaa city, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the numbers of permanent protesters is about 30 protesters from the families of the abducted people and civilians and other people in solidarity with them, while the number varies from 150 to 300 people during the hours of daytime and during the escalation of sit-ins and claims, the intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that regime’s authorities agreed to release 38 detainees from their prison of ISIS members and leaders, as a pre step for the release of the kidnapped people of al-Suwaidaa, who are 27 abducted people, and they are: 18 children and the rest of them are female citizens, while a 19-year-old boy and a woman were executed, and another woman died in mysterious circumstances while she was kidnapped, and sources told the Syrian Observatory that the only impediment for releasing the abductees until now is securing $27 million USD required by the Organization to pay for the completion of the release process, where the organization required $1 million USD for each of the abductees .

This sit-in and progress in the negotiation process comes in conjunction with the continuation of the military operations in the desert of Rif Dimashq at the administrative border with al-Suwaidaa countryside, between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities at the expense of the “Islamic State” organization in the area, where the clashes continue at a varying violence between both parties concentrating in Tlul al-Safa area, which is the last remaining area of the Organization in Rif Dimashq, as part of the continuous attempts by the regime forces and their allies with missile and air support to end the presence of the “Islamic State” Organization there, while ISIS is desperately fighting to repel the attacks and occasionally carries out counterattacks as well as ambushes, which have killed and injured tens of the regime forces and their allies, and the Syrian Observatory published yesterday that it rose to 315, the number of ISIS members who have been killed in the bombings, shelling and clashes since the 25th of July 2018, while it rose to at least 168, the number of members of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them who were killed in the same period, including members of the Lebanese Hezbollah among them a Lebanese commander as well as officers of the regime forces with varying ranks the highest of which are Major Generals, and the clashes also resulted in the injury of hundreds others with varying severity, also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of about 142 citizens including 38 women and children, who were executed or shot by the “Islamic State” organization, in addition to the killing of 116 people, the majority of whom were of the gunmen villagers who carried the gun to repel the organization’s attack, and a 19-year-old boy was executed by ISIS after being kidnapped along with about 30 others, and a woman died when she was held by ISIS in conditions that still vague so far, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published that al-Suwaidaa province is still witnessing the consequences of the execution of one of its female kidnapped people by the “Islamic State” Organization, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the main negotiating committee in the issue of the kidnapped and abducted people of al-Suwaidaa Province withdrawing from the committee, which is composed of Dr. Samer Abu Ammar, Dr. Saeed al-Akk, Mr. Osama Abu Bakkar, Mr. Adel al-Hadi, where the withdrawal came as reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory against the background of the failure of the Russians and the regime with them, and the absence of channels of communication with the “Islamic State” organization, in addition to the reasons given by the committee in a statement the Syrian Observatory received a copy of which, it reads:

“We worked hard to reach the desired results which we hoped to be crowned with the release of the abductees, but unfortunately we did not get to this result for many reasons, the most important of which is that the terrorist did not send any demands to be presented and discussed, and the constraints that the committee faced are numerous and there is no room to mention them now, so we announce our apologies for continuing our work, and as we apologize for pursuing our tasks as a committee; we put ourselves as individuals in the service of these case, and we are ready to cooperate with any party working to achieve this noble goal”.

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