The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the Eastern Ghouta, regime’s intelligence arrest 45 people and informs about 100 others that they must check with their security branches in Damascus

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from several reliable sources that regime’s intelligence arrested 45 people including 2 women in Madyara town in the Eastern Ghouta, after the daily raid operations throughout a full week, and the Syrian Observatory learned that the raids have been carried out on a daily basis after midnight, and the detainees were taken to security branches of the regime, while the Syrian Observatory’s reliable sources confirmed that regime’s intelligence sent notifications to about 100 people; that they must check with specific security branches in the capital Damascus for investigation, but no information about what will they be investigated, while the Syrian Observatory published Tuesday that intersected sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the regime authorities opened centers inside the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, in order to start new procedures to “settle the situations” of the citizens who the regime authorities accuse of “involving in terrorist actions”, of those who remained in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, after the displacement agreement according which tens of thousands of citizens have been displaced from Ghouta towards the Syrian North, including thousands of fighters and their families, and the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that settlements will be reached with the boys, young men, men and women aged between 16 to 65, the SOHR also learned that the centers are being opened successively in the cities and towns of the Eastern Ghouta, and so far it started in Ein Tarma and Kafr Batna town, in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, amid the citizens’ reference to these centers to complete the “settlement’s procedures”, then these center will be transported within all towns and cities of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

The reliable sources also confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that these procedures are aiming, according what the regime authorities claimed, to “improve and recondition the security and military situation of the residents of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, after the regime forces informed those who previously carried out “reconciliations and settlements”, that no one is able to leave the area he inhabited in, to the capital Damascus, without a “leaving permission”, and until he is informed by the “Military Command”, that he has his situation settled completely, while the Syrian Observatory monitored large numbers of men, women and young men, flocking to complete the settlement procedures, through providing their full personal information to the regime forces in order to write them down within the settlements’ application forms, then everyone who carried out the settlement, will be called for the security branches, to approve later the “settlement request”, and the reliable sources confirmed that the regime has tricked the citizens with these procedures, amid fears of arrests that may target them during their reference to the security branches.

And the Syrian Observatory monitored in the past weeks, people who had previously served in the civil defense being called by branches of regime’s security, which conducted investigations with them and returned them to the Eastern Ghouta, without allowing them to leave it, also the regime forces have made incumbent upon the residents of the Eastern Ghouta, to get a “security approval”, in the case that they desire to leave towards the capital Damascus, and local sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the regime’s checkpoints provided that the residents of the Eastern Ghouta have to head towards the officers who are in charge of the Eastern Ghouta, in order to obtain a “departure permission”, in order to be allowed to leave through the checkpoints to the capital Damascus, and the locals confirmed that this document is given after a quick investigation to those who request the “departure permission”, and the investigation includes questions about their relatives and those who remained of them inside Ghouta, and those who left towards the Syrian North or outside Syria, while sources talked about the fact that the regime forces prevented those who used to work in medic and relief fields, or within parties opposed to the regime in the Eastern Ghouta, and stayed in the Eastern Ghouta to have their situations settled, from leaving towards Damascus.