The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The presence of American females among the 90 abductees by ISIS east of Euphrates is not true, most of them are of the former Soviet Union and Iraqi women

Deir Ezzor Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the abduction of 130 families from al-Bahra camp east of Euphrates River has entered its second week; since the “Islamic State” organization abducted them on the afternoon of the 12th October 2018, after a surprise attack using ISIS cells planted in the camp earlier, and the Organization took 130 families to the enclave under its control at the east bank of Euphrates River which is the last enclave in the eastern Euphrates area, amid fears for the lives of the abducted families including 90 women, trusted sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the news from the Russian sources about the presence of American nationals among the people abducted by ISIS from al-Bahra camp is completely false, where the reliable and intersecting sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the camp contained women and children mostly from Russian and other nationalities of the former Soviet Union as well as Iraqi nationality, and reliable sources confirmed that if any residents of the camp were of American nationality, the Coalition forces would have transferred them to other places.

The Syrian Observatory published less than 24 hours from now that the “Islamic State” organization is still holding 130 families including 90 women at least, in ISIS last enclave at the eastern banks of the Euphrates River, after they kidnapped them from Al-Bahra Camp, and took them to the enclave it controls which is the last area left under its control in the east of the Euphrates River, whose eastern banks have been witnessing ongoing clashes since the 10th of October 2018, while reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the organization has classified the abductees of the 130 families where it separated the women away from the children and men, along with subjecting all of them to questioning and investigation, amid fears over their lives of carrying out mass or individual executions against them by the organization after it executed thousands of people in the past years.

The sources confirmed to the Syrian observatory that the 90 female abductees in the east of the Euphrates, include a number of women of different non-Syrian nationalities, who were kidnapped while they were in Al-Bahra Camp which was established by the International Coalition, in the vicinity of ISIS last enclave, in Al-Bahra area near Hajin town, while fears prevailing over the lives of the 90 female abductees of carrying out mass or individual executions against them by the organization, also the Syrian Observatory obtained information reporting that the organization has presented 2 proposals via clannish mediators, to release a group of the 90 female abductees, who are the wives of former members of the organization or widows of killed members, and a group of their families who are held hostages by the organization, in return for entering alimentary and medical aid to ISIS last enclave, but the both proposals have been refused by the International Coalition so far.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Observatory monitored previously that the SDF and the International Coalition transporting tens of people and families to Al-Bahra Camp which contains more than 100 tents, in the countryside of Hajin town, and which was set up by the SDF and Coalition, in order to provide shelters for the displaced families and the families of the members of the “Islamic State” organizations, where it is expected that the displaced people will be hosted in this camp in the incoming few days, the SOHR also obtained information from reliable sources, which confirmed that more than 100 members of the Kurdish Internal Security Forces (Asayish), headed to Hajin and its vicinity in order to hold points of control after the SDF advanced in the area.

Images by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights show al-Bahra camp, which includes displaced people from Hajin area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, after the “Islamic State” organization attacked and abducted 130 families, including 90 women of different nationalities.