The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

6 citizens killed in al- Bab, and members on both the Islamic battalions and regime forces die in Aleppo clashes

Aleppo Province: The regime forces shelled areas in the neighborhood of al- Sha’ar in the east of Aleppo. They also bombarded areas in the town of Deir Jammal in the north of Aleppo.


The Islamic battalions shelled by homemade shells the regime positions in the Old Aleppo and a regime building in the neighborhood of al- Aamereyyi in the south of Aleppo.


Violent clashes took place between the Islamic battalions and regime forces in the neighborhood of al- Aamereyyi with information about casualties on both sides.


The warplanes struck places in al- Mansheyyi Roundabout, al- Nofoteh Street and Ajjan al- Hadid Mosque in the city of al- Bab killing 6 citizens while dozens were wounded, some of them seriously wounded.


Rebel battalions hanged a body of a regime member in a building in the neighborhood of al- Sha’ar. “The dead of the infidel regime forces on Saturday” was written on a paper seen on the body.


Jaysho al- Muhajereen wal Ansar, the Islamic and rebel battalions took control over some positions in al- Brej Hill after violent clashes started yesterday night until this afternoon with the regime forces supported by al- Qodus al- Filastini Brigade, NDF, Hezbollah and Shia fighters from Iran and Afghanistan. The clashes resulted in death of 4 fighters from the rebel and Islamic battalions and 7 members from the regime forces and their militiamen, where the Islamic battalions could drag 3 bodies.