The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security operation in downtown Damascus searching for booby-trapps and suicide bombers preparing for an attack inside of it

Damascus Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a security operation launched by regime’s intelligence, which has been taking place for about 24 hours in the capital Damascus and its outskirts, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the spreading included the area around Jesr al-Ra’eis and al-Baramkeh in the center of the capital, where tens of members were seen scattered in the area along with explosives detectors and logistic equipment, and tens of citizens and vehicles were inspected, and the intersected sources in the area believed that this operation took place after an information received by the regime about the presence of at least one vehicle prepared for detonation and the presence of people wearing explosive belts planning to carry out bombings in downtown Damascus and in Jesr al-Ra’eis area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 31st of October 2018 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the release of tens of citizens of the residents of the capital and its countryside in the past two days, of who were held at the center of the military police in al-Qaboun neighborhood at the eastern outskirts of the capital, of who the regime forces arrested earlier this month, October, in order to take them for the reserve service, after a governmental decision to exempt tens of thousands of citizens who are wanted for the reserve service, where intersected sources confirmed that their release came in conjunction with the decision of the exemption of the reserve service, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 29th of October 2018 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored new raids and arrests by the security services of the Syrian regime within the areas of “conciliations and settlements” in Damascus, its countryside and the Syrian South, where the Syrian Observatory learned that the Syrian regime’s Intelligence arrested today, Monday the 29th of October 2018, a whole family from their house in Rukn Al-Din neighborhood in the capital Damascus, where 3 men and 2 women were arrested after this family arrived days ago from the Syrian North after they have left to it according to the agreement that was reached in Barzeh in Damascus in May 2017, between the regime forces and the factions which used to be located in the area at that time and which led to the exit of those who rejected the agreement to the Syrian North, and in the Syrian South and in Daraa province in particular, the Syrian Observatory monitored arrests by the regime’s security services in Al-Sheikh Meskeen, Al-Sanamayn and al-Jiza in Daraa countryside, where they arrested more than 15 persons in Al-Sanamayn, about 10 persons in Al-Sheikh Meskeen, and 2 persons in al-Jiza town, on varying charges such as ” defaulting the compulsory military service in the army of the Syrian regime and being sleeper cells of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham and the Islamic State organization”, and the arrests come as a part of new violations to the agreements that were reached previously within the areas of the “conciliations and settlements”.

And the Syrian Observatory monitored on the 9th of October 2018, new raid and search of citizens houses by regime’s intelligence in Saqba city in the Eastern Ghouta, where they took an elderly woman and another citizen to an unknown destination, intersected sources suggested that the members raided the neighborhood on charges of the detainees’ contact with their relatives in the Syrian north, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published hours ago that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored raids and arrests carried out by regime’s intelligence on Tuesday morning, the 9th of October 2018, in Douma city, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human rights, regime’s intelligence raided Souq al-Hal in the middle of Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta and other areas in the southern neighborhood of the city, and they arrested 3 citizens from Mesraba town and then took them to an unknown destination, also the regime forces closed the streets of al-Quwatli and Halab in Douma city amid security alert in the mentioned ar