The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime breaks the Russian promises and sentences 11 prisoners of Hama Central Prison to death on charges related to “demonstrating against the regime”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the regime issuing death sentence against 11 detainees in Hama Central Prison, against the backdrop of their participation in demonstrations in various Syrian areas and calling for the overthrow of the regime, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received copies of sound recordings attributed to prisoners in Hama central prison, confirmed that 11 inmates of Hama prison will be taken to Sednaya to carry out death sentences issued by the judiciary, amid mediation by the individual military judge in Hama to transport the prisoners on the pretext of attending a trial and returning them, but the sources confirmed that the transfer from Hama prison to the notorious Sednaya prison is to carry out the death sentence, amid calls and distress calls from the convicted prisoners to rescue them and to prevent their executions, despite Russian promises to release detainees at a time where the death penalty order was issued.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also documented more than 140000 detainees, of who are still in prisons and jails of the Syrian regime, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 16063 civilians, they are: 15874 men and young men, 125 children under the age of eighteen, and 64 woman over the age of eighteen out of 60000 detainees at least, all of them have been killed inside these branches and in Sednaya prison in more than 7 years, either as a result of direct physical torture or deprivation of food and medicine. And the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the case of Syrian detainees being turned into pressure papers controlled by the players on the Syrian ground. The case of their release and the work towards emptying the prisons was a game of interests, manipulated by international bodies as well as local and regional parties, to use it in their negotiations and agreements, and this let-down of detainees’ case has resulted in thousands of casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published in the second half of 2017 that calm mixed with tensions is prevailing in Hama Central Prison following the protests of dozens of prisoners demanding their release. Reliable sources confirmed to the SOHR that calm prevailed again inside the facility after holding negotiations between representatives of the prisoners and a delegation of the regime forces. There were reports about Russian mediation to ease the tensions between both parties. The prisoners demanded better treatment and living conditions and the expedition of their trials from the Prison management, also September 2016, witnessed the release of 86 prisoners and detainees from Hama Central Prison, as a goodwill sign by the Russians and the regime to facilitate negotiations with Jaysh Al-Fath , and to facilitate the process of handing over the bodies of Russian pilots killed in the eastern countryside of Idlib, while it is noteworthy that Hama Central Prison witnessed in May 2016, a revolt broke out in the central prison of Hama, it was carried out by tens of inmates inside the prison, after they were able to detain Hama police chief and the director of the prison, in addition to nine members who accompanied them, a state of alert is spread over the regime forces, they have cut electricity and water from the prison and jammed communications in the prison’s area, and reliable sources confirmed to the observatory that revolt took place after a criminal judge’s investigation with several inmates in the prison, and his demand for the presence of all the prisoners to the Court to decide the case of their release, while the mystery is all over the course of events in the coming hours, the prisoners demanded their release immediately without procrastination.