The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After more than 4 months, Hmeimim Airbase targets a drone in the sky of Jableh area where the Airbase is located

Latakia Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored violent explosions in the countryside of Jableh area in the countryside of Latakia, intersected sources said that it was caused by missile targeting by the air defenses for a drone flying in the sky of Hmeimim Airbase area, which is taken by the Russian Forces as their major military base in Syria, and a base for the launch of their operations on the Syrian territory and airspace, and this targeting comes more than 4 months after the last drone targeting, which tried to target Hmeimim Airbase repeatedly and sometimes daily, where the Syrian Observatory published on the 22nd of August 2018 that explosions rocked areas in the outskirts of Lattakia city, intersected sources informed the Syrian Observatory that they were caused by targeting by the air defenses, which is believed that it hit drones targeted the area of Al-Bassah in the southern outskirts of Lattakia city, without information about casualties, followed by shelling by the regime forces which targeted areas in the northern mountains of Lattakia, and places on the road to the area, while this targeting comes about 24 hours after the death of 3 members of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them as well as the injury of 9 others, in rocket targeting carried out by the factions to positions of the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them in Jabal Al-Turkman in the north-eastern countryside of Lattakia, and sources in the area confirmed that the Russian claims about killing members of the regime forces through targeting them by drones are false, and the sources confirmed that the targeting was carried out through rocket shelling by the factions on positions of the regime forces in Jabal Al-Turkman, while the Russian allegations come as a part of propagandizing for the drones as a future justification for the anticipated attack on Idlib province, through provoking the international public opinion.

And the SOHR published on the 22nd of August 2018, explosions were heard after midnight of yesterday in Jableh area in the countryside of Latakia, caused by a new attack by drones on the main military base of the Russian Forces in Syria; Hmeimim Airbase, where the Russian air defenses targeted and detonated one of the drones in the sky of the area, but no information about casualties so far, and the Syrian Observatory published few days ago that calm has been prevailing since the 13th of August 2018, the area of Jableh and the area of Hmeimim Military Airbase, which is taken by the Russian forces as their main base on the Syrian territory, after a series of attacks which targeted Hmeimim Military Airbase, which frequently witnesses attacks after calm prevails the area, and the attacks are carried out by drones, some of which are shot down, and some others survive and strike the airbase, as between the visit of one of the most prominent sponsors in Syria, the SOHR monitored separated airstrikes and the time of attacks was different between one attack to another, the most violent of which were the intensive attacks by drones which targeted the airbase in July 2018.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented 22 attacks carried out through drones, some of which were able to target Hmeimim Airbase and cause material damage and destruction in equipment, but others failed as a result of the targeting by the air defenses that are responsible for the protection and security of the Airbase, and among the total number of attacks there are 5 successive attacks in 5 consecutive days in August 2018 and at least 13 attacks targeted the Airbase during July 2018, while the early targeting was on the 6th of January 2018, also missile shelling targeted the Airbase area in late December 2017 after the visit of Putin for the area on 11th of December 2017, during which he met the Russian officers supervising the military operations in Syria, and also met the Syrian president, and attending a military parade inside the Airbase, also sources suggested that this calm in Hmeimim Airbase area is linked to the process of pushing Russia to the negotiating table, and securing a negotiable climate with better terms, even though the opposing factions did not claim responsibility of any aerial attack, despite the Russian accusations against opposition factions in Idlib and Latakia mountains, of carrying out these attack to destabilize and disperse the Russian Forces and to put them on successive alerts within the Airbase area, and within areas of presence of the Russian Forces in other areas.