The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG retakes the entire city of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani” after 112 days of clashes with IS militants

YPG fighters could retake the entire city of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani” after violent clashes with IS militants lasted for 112 days, where YPG fighters are still combing some houses in the eastern suburbs of the city, dismantling and detonating IEDs.


IS organization raised its first banner at the outskirts of ayn al- Arab “Kobani” in October 6, 2014. The shelling and clashes between YPG, backed by rebel battalions and other fighters from several brigades, and IS militants resulted in death of 1313 fighters; 979 fighters from IS organization, including 38 fighters blew themselves up using booby- trapped vehicles and explosive belts, 324 fighters from YPG and 12 fighters from the rebel battalions. IS shelling on areas in the city of Kobani killed 12 civilians. On the other hand, hundreds of IS militants died during US and Arab allies airstrikes on the city and its countryside. Meanwhile, large parts of the city have become uninhabitable due to US and Arab allies air raids, detonation of booby- trapped vehicles and mutual shelling.  


SOHR publishes 2 months ago that IS leadership was searching for achieving victories in the countryside of Homs and Hama and province of Deir Ezzor in order to cover their loss up in the city of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani” .