The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security campaign against former SDF fighters east of Euphrates area coincides with rising discontent among the people over previous releases

Deir Ezzor Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored a security campaign led by the Kurdish internal Security forces “Asayish” with the participation of Syria Democratic Forces; in their controlled areas within Deir Ezzor province east of Euphrates, where the campaign targets the former fighters and members of the “Islamic State” Organization who carried out “settlements” at the Syria Democratic Forces, or the released fighters from prisons and detention camps of the Syria Democratic Forces, after they investigations and a period of detention ended with clan-mediated release, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that many of the released members of the organization turned into sleeper cells in the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, carrying out assassinations against tens of former ISIS members who joined the “settlement” at the Syria Democratic Forces or Asayish forces.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the releases took place successively through mediation by dignitaries, clan Sheikhs in areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces east of Euphrates; aroused the resentment of people within the same areas, because they fear that the released former members turn into active cells that spread chaos by carrying out assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, and targeting military and security checkpoints, and the resentment escalated among the people who have suffered from the practices of the “Islamic State” organization before its control of most of Deir Ezzor province, where hundreds of its members after being captured or after they surrendered; they turned to members within Syria Democratic Forces, and they are taking part in the fight against the organization they left behind, while the Syrian Observatory published in the recent weeks about the Turkish authorities and intelligence failed in creating a clannish sedition in Al-Raqqah countryside, one of their attempts was represented by the try of 8 persons of Al-Hanadi Clan, to create a sedition between this clan and between Al-Boassaf Clan, through kidnapping one of the members of the latter clan, beating and insulting him, in the name of “Al-Hanadi Clan”, in Al-Buz area in Tal Abyad countryside, then the Kurdish Internal Security Forces (Asayish) arrested and investigated them, where reliable sources confirmed that they confessed that they were propelled by Turkey to create a clannish sedition, in an attempt to create a state of disorder in the area, along with the Turkish preparations for a military operation against the area of the east of the Euphrates, which is controlled by the SDF, and the video that shows the young men torturing the man of Al-Boassaf Clan who they kidnapped, became widespread, but the intervene of nobles and dignitaries as well as the Kurdish Internal Security Forces between the both clans, clarified the points of view between them, and prevented a clannish fighting that the members of the sleeper cells aimed to ignite between the clans, it is noteworthy that he Syrian Observatory published in late May 2018 that resentment prevails among the people in the northern countryside to Raqqa, as a result of the release of detainees in the prisons of the Kurdish Internal Security forces “Asayish” of the Syria Democratic Forces, who were accused of carrying out an assassination of a well-known figure in the Civil Councils operating in the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas in al-Raqqah east of Euphrates River, in addition to the release of detainees who are former members of the “Islamic State” organization, where they who were imprisoned in the prisons of Asayish and Syria Democratic Forces, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from reliable sources who confirmed to the Observatory that elders and Sheikhs of clans in al-Raqqah area; mediated with the Syria Democratic Forces to release 6 people accused of assassinating Omar Alloush the joint chairman of the Public Relations Committee of al-Raqqah Civil Council at his home, on the 15th of March 2018, in addition to mediating in previous times to release detainees of members of the “Islamic State”, organization who were captured during the clashes or arrested during security operations in the province and in the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas.

And the sources confirmed at that time, to the Syrian Observatory that the 6 people charged with the assassination were arrested during security operations by the Syria Democratic Forces in al-Raqqah, and they were found in possession of USD 100000$, the sources said that the money was their payment for carrying out the operation, accusing them of working for the Turkish authorities and carrying out the operation by instigation from the Turkish authorities, the sources confirmed that the release of these defendants and former ISIS members; took place after interfering from notables and elders of Arab clans, which caused an escalated resentment from the release of people how are “suspicious and accused of various charges”, amid fears of security chaos if such cases happen again, with demand that those who gave orders for the release of the 6 persons be held accountable.