The city of al- Mayadin witnesses the end of collecting 2.5 % of "al- Zakat money" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The city of al- Mayadin witnesses the end of collecting 2.5 % of “al- Zakat money”



Reliable sources informed SOHR that “Diwan al- Zakat” of Islamic State in the city of al- Mayadin had finished collecting “the receivable Zakat” from traders, goldsmiths and owners of stores in the city’s markets.


At the beginning of 2015, SOHR documented that “al- Zakat Office” of IS informed the goldsmiths in the city of al- Mayadin to count and determine the gold and funds that they have in order to be checked and take the receivable amount of “al- Zakat”. In that time, the sources confirmed to SOHR that IS informed the people of the city in Friday Sermon that IS established “Diwan al- Zakat” ( al- Zakat Office) that its mission is to collect “al- Zakat money” from those who must pay it. IS organization also confirmed in this sermon that only “Diwan al- Zakat” has the authority to collect and distribute “al- Zakat money”. 


SOHR also documented in the second half of December 2014,  that Islamic State has imposed on businessmen and owners of factories in IS- held areas in the northeast of Aleppo to pay “Zakat” (the practice of taxation and redistribution, imposed upon Muslims on their income and wealth.) for “ al- Zakat Office” of Islamic State. The resources informed SOHR that IS organization forced the trader and industrialists to pay 2.5% on every sum of money that is equal to 100g of gold every years.


The same sources reported to SOHR that the traders and industrialists informed IS that they take care of poor people and pay Zakat for them but the organization told them to send these families to “ al- Zakat Office” to study their situation and give them Zakat if they deserve it, and that everything paid for poor people without reference to “al- Zakat Office” is considered charity and does not exempt him from paying Zakat.


2 months ago, IS distributed sums of money on some poor families in the city of al- Raqqa, where IS told the people that these sums are “money of Zakat” collected from the rich of the city.


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