The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

East of Euphrates, between an American quest to hand it over to Turkey and preparations by the latter for a “self-administrative” area and Russians refusal and unexpected consultation between SDF and the regime

The east Euphrates area and the areas that are under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and their military forces and supported by the International Coalition, from Manbij and its surroundings and al-Tabaqa and its surroundings, are witnessing a rising uncertainty about its future in the foreseeable future and beyond it, where the 19th of December 2018 is a significant date between the past and present of the east Euphrates and its future, where the decision of the US President Donald Trump to withdraw his forces from Syria; has made a state of confusion in the local, regional, and international circles, and now, the east of Euphrates which is controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces is in front of multiple scenarios, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights looked into these scenarios; until it reached through several private and reliable sources the next scenario that is being arranged for in the e​East Euphrates area by the regional and international powers.

Reliable private sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the leadership of the United States of America, is seeking to hand over the entire east of Euphrates area; and leave it to its destiny which it has prepared to and continues to prepare with Turkey, by pushing Turkey to impose its full supervision over the area, which extends from the outskirts of Manbij to the Syrian-Iraqi border, under the name of “self-administrative area,” Run by the Kurdish National Council in Syria and with a military deployment of the forces of “Rojava Peshmerga” and an administration belongs to the National Coalition and it will include all components of the area, and it will be under direct Turkish supervision, reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that all the promises given by the United States of America so far are only a trick to delay any agreements or consensuses for the Syria Democratic Forces with the regime forces and the Russians, and that the goal of the United States from delaying this agreement is to make room for Turkey to enter easily when the US withdraw from its military bases in Manbij and east of Euphrates.

The Syrian Observatory also learned that the United States did not expect at all that the Syria Democratic Forces may approach the regime and begin consultations with it and with the Russians, in order to reach a consensus on the future of the east Euphrates area, of which Turkey aspires to control, also the process of leaving weapons and military equipment by the United States of America to the Syria Democratic Forces comes in the context of creating an additional motive for the latter to confront Turkey, and enter the area into a war that could claim a large casualties and destruction, while the reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the Russians opposed what the United States of America suggested about the future of the east of Euphrates, and Russia insisted on the withdrawal of Turkey from Idlib and Afrin if entering the east of Euphrates area.