After executing thousands and in line with the Turkish threats, ISIS executes 2 prisoners and sends through them a messages for the Arab tribes to "boycott and expel SDF from the country" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After executing thousands and in line with the Turkish threats, ISIS executes 2 prisoners and sends through them a messages for the Arab tribes to “boycott and expel SDF from the country”

The “Islamic State” Organization despite the declining of its control to the smallest spot since its presence in the Syrian territory and since the declaration of its “Caliphate” on the 29th of June 2014, continues to carry out killings against its opponents sending clear and hidden messages at the same time, the most recent of these executions was monitored by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, where 2 members of the “Islamic State” Organization in al-al-Susah town in the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside on the east bank of Euphrates River, which is one of the last 2 areas where the Organization is located in the east of Euphrates, where a video showed 2 members of Deir Ezzor countryside who were captured with others in the countryside of Deir Ezzor province; during an attack against the “Islamic State” Organization months ago east of Euphrates River, and they were shot by 2 members of the Organization in a demolished house by pistols, they shoot them at their heads which killed them immediately.

The 2 members of the Syria Democratic Forces who were executed were shown in the video speaking of their capture, the first one said that:
“the Organization attacked in late October and he was captured with 4 others, and the Kurdish fighters and the International Coalition fighters fled and sold them.”

The other one said:
“he was captured by the Organization in al-Susah area in late October 2018, and they were transferred to the prison and then they were bombed by the International Coalition and after that the Coalition bombing the hospital,” and the member added:
“I appeal to al-Baggarah clans and every clan that hears me to boycott the party and expel it from the country, because they abandoned us as soon as the attack started and left us in the trenches.”

This video coincides with preparations being made to end the “Islamic State” Organization completely in the east of Euphrates River, through an attack prepared by the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition, also the messages in the video through the prisoners coincide with the Turkish threats to launch a military operation that aim to control the east of Euphrates area and end the presence of the Syria Democratic Forces in the entire east of Euphrates area and Manbij area, where Turkey is trying to create internal ethnic or tribal strife, with the goal of striking the components of the area against each other’s, and shake the internal ranks, for which it worked by recruiting cells to carry out assassinations and ignite tribal sedition in several areas east of Euphrates and in the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 19th of December 2018 that the  “Islamic State” Organization has not had enough with thousands of the executions it carried out since the declaration of “Caliphate” by an official statement issued on the 29th of June 2014, which was followed by large military operations by the Organization; ended in controlling more than half the area of Syrian territory, and it became the first force in terms of influence, which coincided with individual and mass executions of all its opponents, and as it retreated, the Organization also carried out more murders and executions, which reached a mass execution and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights look up into it until it was proven that the Organization carried it out, where ISIS is desperately trying to stay in the last inhabited towns at the east bank of Euphrates, and in enclave located in the Syrian desert north of al-Sokhna area and the outskirts of Deir Ezzor desert west of Euphrates River.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received confirmations from tens of security sources in the “Islamic State” Organization, and residents who were living within the “Islamic State” organization’s-controlled areas, of who were able to escape recently to areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces, they said that the Organization carried out individual and mass executions in an undeclared manner, and away of its cameras which have always documented its crimes in a cinematic manner  showed ISIS “having fun” with its victims, and taking revenge of them in a way surpassed the crimes of Assad regime’s, it forces, and the rest of powers in the Syrian territory, where the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the “Islamic State” organization had executed more than 700 detainees, of who were arrested on various charges including security members and members of the Organization who tried to break away of it and escape its controlled areas, and the executions were carried out inside headquarters and detention centers of the Organization, and within its controlled areas which are today confined to the towns of Sha’afah, al-Susah, al-Baghuz and villages of Abu Hasan, Bo Badran, al-Marashdah, al-Shajla, al-Kashmeh, al-Safiya and al-Bukhatir suburb east of Hajin, which extends along the east bank of Euphrates, along with its last enclave in the deserts of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

The same sources also confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the Organization intentionally transferred 350 to 400 detainees and abductees it has; through Euphrates River to its enclave in Homs and Deir Ezzor west of Euphrates River, in addition to releasing hundreds of others.

Between the detainees and those who were executed; their families still having the question about their fate, whether they were executed or released, and amid all these tragic events, reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the Organization buried the bodies of its victims in mass graves within its controlled areas, also reliable sources confirmed that tens of prisoners have been killed in airstrikes carried out over the past months by International Coalition warplanes, Russian warplanes, and Bashar al-Assad’s regime warplanes, in addition to the ground shelling that targeted areas controlled by the Organization, before being confined within the 2 mentioned enclaves.

And with the fall of more casualties it rose to 6191 civilians, fighters, members of the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them and ISIS members in 54 months since the declaration of its “Caliphate” in the 29/6/2014 until the morning of today 19/12/2018.

And with this dramatic rise in number of casualties, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls on the International Coalition, the Syria Democratic Forces who have prisoners and detainees of the security and members of the “Islamic State” organization, to investigate them about the crimes committed against thousands the detainees, both civilians and non-civilians, and to investigate their burial sites and the graves where the bodies were hidden, to find them and uncover the fate of hundreds of missing people in jails of the organization that committed the crimes in an individual and mass manners, and in different ways varied between the slaughter, firing bullets, booby trapping, burning, and other new methods by this Organization, which exploited all kind of people to serve its goals.

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