Islamic factions announce establishing of “Jaysho al- Jihad” (the Jihad Army) • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Islamic factions announce establishing of “Jaysho al- Jihad” (the Jihad Army)

SOHR had received a footage announcing establishment of “Jaysho al- Jihad” (the Jihad Army). The statement issued “as we seek for establishment and arbitrating Allah’s law on his land, we declared the unification of the Jihadi battalions in Horan and al- Quneitera under the name of “Jaysho al- Jihad” (the Jihad Army) hoping to be the nucleus of an army that gathers and unifies the mujahedeen and week faithful factions”.  


The Jihad Army includes the factions of Saray al- Jihad, Jund al- Islam Group, Abo Basir Group, Zo al- Nourayn Brigade, Mujahedi al- Sham Movement, Shabab Ahlo al- Salaf Group and al- Bunyan al- Marsous Group. And that the brother Abo Yousof is the general emir of this army, brother abo Taym is the military commander, Abo Ja’far al- Jolani is the spokesman and Abo Ali al- Amir is the general Sharia jurist.


“We are moving forward according to method derives from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Our major enemy is the Nusayreyyah ( Alawites) and those who support them, and that our relation with the rebel factions is based on the Islamic law. We also endeavor to establish a court to dispense justice according to what Allah revealed”, the statement ended.

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