The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

9 people killed in the capital’s explosion, and 3 fighters in Daraa

Damascus Province: The number of people who died due to an explosion that targeted a bus near al- Hamidiyyi Market in the center of the capital has risen to 9, including 6 Lebanese Shia pilgrims. It is unknown whether the explosion caused by detonating an IED or by a man who blew himself up using an explosive belt.


Daraa Province: The number of fighters of Islamic battalions who died due to aerial bombardment on the town of Sayda has risen to 3.


The helicopters re-dropped barrel bombs on areas in the city of Inkhel and towns of Barqa, Otman and al- Sheikh Meskin.


The regime forces shelled areas in the eastern neighborhood of Bosra al- Sham city and neighborhood of al- Mansheyyi in the city of Daraa.