The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israel’s heaviest strikes since less than a year ago destroy warehouses and sites of the Iranians, Hezbollah, and the regime forces and kill 11 fighters of them

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored an Israeli bombardment after midnight of yesterday, which is the most intense and violent attack against the regime forces and their allies in terms of casualties since May 2018, and in the details monitored by the Syrian Observatory: the Israeli forces carried out tens of land and air strikes by their warplanes and ground-to-ground missiles, where the bombardment lasted less than 60 minutes and targeted areas extending from the southwest of Rif Dimashq to al-Thula airbase in the western countryside of al-Suwaidaa, during which the sites, points, and warehouses belong to the Iranian Forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah were destroyed in Jamraya, the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, al-Kiswah area, the vicinity of al-Thula airbase and other areas, in addition to targeting the Air Defense centers belong to the regime forces, and the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 11 people including 2 Syrian nationals, while the identity and nationality of the others who were killed during the Israeli bombardment had not been known yet, and the death toll is expected to rise because some of the wounded are in critical situation, in addition to information about other casualties, also regime’s air defenses managed to drop several Israeli missiles.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 10th of May 2018 that  it rose to 27 at least, they are: 6 members of the regime forces including 3 officers, 11 of the Iranian members, and 10 others most of them are of non-Syrian nationalities, the number of people who were killed in the Israeli targeting of sites of the regime forces and their allies in the above mentioned areas, also the targeting caused significant material damage in many of the targeted sites, the Syrian Observatory published back then that violent explosions rocked the several areas in the Syrian territory just before dawn of today, Thursday, the 10th of May 2018, caused by Israeli missile strikes which targeted scattered sites near the capital, Damascus, Rif Dimashq, central Syria and Quneitra, where the strikes targeted sites believed to belong to the Lebanese Hezbollah southwest of Homs city, and other sites of Hezbollah and fighters loyal to the regime forces in the triangle of Daraa – Quneitra – west of Rif Dimashq, also the strikes targeted a military area of the regime forces in al-Dumayr Airbase area at the Eastern Qalamoun, where the missiles fell near the headquarters where the Iranians are located, also the strikes targeted Muadamiyat al-Sham town west of Damascus, where fighters of Hezbollah, Iran and the 4th Division of the Syrian regime are located, but no information until the moment as to whether the missiles that fell on Muadamiyat al-Sham has targeted military positions or not, also a missile landed in the vicinity of Jaramana south of the capital, and the shelling targeted regime’s Air Defense sites, while the fall of Israeli missiles was renewed after midnight of yesterday on Al-Quneitra province, where the missiles targeted sites of the regime forces and their allies near Hodr town north of Quneitra and near Khan Arnabah town, and in the same context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in conjunction with the these intensive targeting operation has monitored explosions in the sky of the areas; caused by regime’s anti-aircraft interception for the Israeli missiles and managed to shoot down some of them, and the Israeli missile strikes caused significant material losses in several targeted locations, amid confirmed information about casualties, and the Israeli shelling came just before the dawn of Sunday after the fall of missiles after midnight, launched from al-Quneitra area and southwest Rif Dimashq adjacent to the occupied territories of Golan, following the Israeli shelling which took place last night and targeted locations near al-Ba’ath city in the central countryside of Quneitra