Jaysho al- Islam declares Damascus "military zone" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Jaysho al- Islam declares Damascus “military zone”

The leader of Jaysho al- Islam (the Islam Army) declared in a statement the city of Damascus military zone. The statement issued “in response to the brutal air strikes carried out by the regime troops on the city of Doma and the rest of the cities of the Eastern Ghouta, and due to the overcrowding of the capital of the military barracks, security posts, gun emplacements, rocket launchers and headquarters of the regime we declared the entire city of Damascus military zone and location of our military operations.” 


“We request all civilians, members of diplomatic missions, school and university students not to get close to any of the regime’s posts, cars and checkpoints. In addition to we ask them not wander  during working hours  since Wednesday morning in 2/4/2014 until further notice”, the statement added. 


In January 25, 50 people killed and wounded as well as 2 soldiers killed during shelling by Jaysho al- Islam on the capital.  

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