The regime and parties belong to it steal aid of the displaced people and hide 90 of the 140 trucks that were heading towards the east of Euphrates area to help tens of thousands of them. • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime and parties belong to it steal aid of the displaced people and hide 90 of the 140 trucks that were heading towards the east of Euphrates area to help tens of thousands of them.

Even the bread of the displaced is being stolen by parties of the conflict, as if they did not have enough by displacing them, so they steal their aid which they did not witness its arrival or coming, they did not smell it even, where after long pleas and repeated loud cries that prompted the United Nations to move for the displaced people in east of Euphrates, a major part of the relief for displaced people in eastern Euphrates was stolen, where several reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that a major robbery took place against relief supplies which were headed from the United Nations warehouses in the capital, Damascus, towards the east Euphrates area , and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: about 130 trucks loaded with food aid have gotten out of the United Nations warehouses packed with food, logistics, and other supplies to be transported to the displaced people towards the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas and camps in east of Euphrates, where only 40 trucks had arrived and the rest of the trucks completely disappeared, reliable sources confirmed that the disappearance resulted from theft operation during their movement within regime forces’-controlled areas heading towards Manbij area, to which only 40 out of the 130 trucks had arrived, amid accusations of the regime and its militias of stealing and unloading the trucks in other areas to prevent them from reaching the east Euphrates area, which is controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition.

This robbery comes in conjunction with the arrival of the 40 trucks in the east Euphrates area, and the reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that a large number of children were poisoned by poison of rat and rodents, where they thought they were candy distributed to them, and the displaced people attributed the reasons for the lack of spreading awareness by the United Nations team in charge of distributing the aid among the population and displaced people about the nature and seriousness of the substance, since it looked like a candy to the children, which poisoned them and they were transported to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 27th of February 2019 that  the batches are still coming from the east of Euphrates farms in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor near al-Baghuz area, carrying with them more casualties of children who have not been able to withstand the weather and health conditions in areas of presence of the Organization, during the journey of displacement towards the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, where the batch that arrived yesterday night Tuesday, the 26th of February 2019, to al-Hool camp had a deceased female child, she died after her health got worse, which increased the number of casualties in the al-Hool camp to 51 -mostly children-, the number of people who died as a result of the poor human and living conditions, and most of them have died as a result of diseases whose complications have increased during the journey of arrival to al-Hool camp, the last of which were 2 people who died one in the camp and the other one in the hospital, and the increase in casualties has sparked resentment among the displaced people, who confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the United Nations is responsible for the deaths of their children and their families, and that the United Nations bear the primary responsibility for all this failure through their corrupt organizations which insult the displaced people, while the international organizations have enough with media data that gives them points on the international humanitarian scene.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published days ago that as the world pretends not to see, refrains from hearing the voices in distress, and doesn’t provide assistance; the tragedy escalates and the suffering increases with every new death or a journey towards it, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights continues to follow the human file of the displaced people in camps of the countryside of al-Hasakah and the east of Euphrates, where the Syrian Observatory monitored 4 major camps in the area, they are: Rouj Camps, Ayn Issa Camps, Nirouz, and al-Hool, which bear hunger, death, and suffering towards securing the necessities of daily life, where the Syrian Observatory monitored the presence of about 61000 displaced people in these 4 camps distributed in about 13000 families, and the Syrian Observatory monitored the presence of 12900 persons in Ayn Issa camp including 10273 children and women, while in al-Rouj Camp there are 1696 people including 1616 children and women, and in Nirouz camp there are 319 people including more than 250 children and women, and in the al-Hool camp there are about 45500 displaced people including 561 families of foreign nationalities of 1470 people, and among them there are 5930 families took refuge in al-Hool camp and they are 22531 people, amid dire humanitarian conditions in these camps from the ill-treatment of relief teams of the international organizations and the United Nations, and the outbreak of bribes and corruption in exchange for aid and nepotism, the Observatory also monitored a significant shortage of materials provided by international relief agencies.

The reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that recently a meeting took place between a committee of the United Nations and a committee of the Camps Management and from al-Hool Camp, and the Committee was briefed on the situation and information about establishing a camp in al-Suwar area in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor with an area of about 50 dunums, where the contact is underway between UNICEF management, UNHCR, and Deir Ezzor administration, to begin sending the necessary assistance and materials and start creating a camp site.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the displaced people continue to suffer from tragic humanitarian conditions inside the camp, because the committees inside the camp who are assigned by the United Nations and UNHCR, are not providing assistance and take bribes in exchange for distributing equipment and tents which exist and stockpiled in warehouses of UNHCR and the United Nations, at a time when the last mentioned parties request the road to be secured to deliver assistance, and reliable sources have confirmed that one of the distribution administrators and the staff member of the UNHCR and the United Nations is insulting the displaced people and cursing them, considering them as members of the “Islamic State” Organization.

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