المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Preparations to declare the end of ISIS after the exit of 58000 people including more than 6000 ISIS members within 95 days, 400 of them were handed over to the Iraqi authorities

A new day in Baghuz at the east bank of Euphrates River, preparations are underway for new batches of the people who remain in trenches and tunnels dug by prisoners, detainees, and abductees, many of whom may have been executed or kept in these tunnels, or the dirt from the tunnels covered their dead bodies, which were killed by the executors of the “Islamic State” Organization, where the Syria Democratic Forces await at the outskirts of the contact lines at the end of the safe road, to transport the last remaining civilians and families of the “Islamic State” Organization and members; towards camps at the countryside of al-Hasakah, and to transfer ISIS members to prisons and jails of Syria Democratic Forces, in a simultaneous preparations for the announcement of the end of the “Islamic State” Organization by the Syria Democratic Forces, after tens of thousands handing over themselves of the civilians and members of the Organization and their families of Syrian, Iraqi, Arab, Moroccan, Asian, and western nationalities to SDF in the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored since the beginning of December 2018, the exit of 57620 people out of Baghuz farms and ISIS enclave before being besieged within this area, including more than 55620 people have gotten out the Organization’s enclave since the decision of the US President Trump to withdraw from Syria on the 19th of December 2018, including about 6040 members of the “Islamic State” Organization, and the majority of them are of Iraqi nationality, who have been arrested among the displaced people, after the residents were able to identify them and inform the security forces about their infiltration, while another part of them handed themselves over after they managed to get out of the last enclave of the Organization, also the Syrian Observatory learned that during the past days and weeks about 300 ISIS members managed to infiltrate through the Euphrates River to the largest and last remaining enclave of the Organization in the Syrian Desert within the areas that are controlled by the regime forces, Russians, and the Iranians in north of Palmyra.

At the same time, the Syrian Observatory documented the transfer and handover of hundreds of members of the “Islamic State” Organization and its fighters to the Iraqi authorities, and the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: about 400 members of the “Islamic State” Organization including members of western nationalities were transported and handed over to the Iraqi army, where they were transported aboard trucks of the International Coalition and then handed over to the Iraqi army, while the Syrian Observatory published on the 5th of March 2019 that with the exit of more people, since the 16th of March 2019, it rose to 17490, the number of people who have gotten out of Baghuz camp, tunnels, and trenches within the farmlands of al-Baghuz area in the east bank of Euphrates River in the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside, including more than 2040 members of the “Islamic State” Organization of Syrian, Iraqi, Asian, and western nationalities, they reached areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces aboard tens of trucks that entered the area of in which they gather each time, to take them to al-Hool camps and to sort the fighters and transfer them to centers and detentions of the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition, while the information about the numbers of those remaining in Baghuz tunnels and trenches is still unavailable, while warplanes of the Coalition and the Syria Democratic Forces are shelling the areas in which the remainder members of the Organization are present, of who refuse to surrender to the Coalition Forces and the Syria Democratic forces, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 3rd of March 2019 that as a part of the Last Chance Battle launched by the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition at the expense of the members of the “Islamic State” organization remaining in Al-Baghuz farms; the SOHR monitored more advancement by the SDF in the past hours which enabled them to clamp down even more on the members of organization still remaining there, at the same time, the SDF are continuing to sweep the farms and the areas into which they advanced through dismantling IEDs and landmine and searching for hiding ISIS members, and the reliable sources suggested to the Syrian Observatory that the SDF and the Coalition will finish the operation in 48 to 96 hours

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