The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Meeting in Muadamiyat al-Sham to include the defected people who “reconciled with the regime” to al-Ghaith Forces of the 4th Division and sending them to the fronts of Latakia mountains

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were informed by reliable sources that a meeting was held in Muadamiyat al-Sham city west of Rif Dimashq in the last few days, between officers of the 4th Division of the regime forces and between former defected members of the regime forces, who carried out settlements and reconciliations after which they stayed in the city, during the control of the regime forces of it late 2016, where both parties agreed on several points, the most important of which is dividing the defected members into 3 sections, training each part for a month at the 4th Division headquarters, then distributing them on the contact lines with the factions on the fronts of Latakia countryside, the sources confirmed that this meeting was as a last warning for defected members to settle their situations, amid serious threats by officers of the 4th Division to raid houses of those who are hiding or staying behind and did not join the agreement, where the 150 defected members will join al-Ghaith forces of the 4th Division, which is led by the Brigadier General in the 4th Division Ghayyath al-Dallah.

The Syrian Observatory published earlier that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by reliable sources that the leadership of the 4th Division issued a resolution calling for the forces of the National Guard’s “Harmoon Regiment” west of Rif Dimashq, to cancel the membership applications of members of the regiment who passed their conscription service date and those who defected of the regime, where a list of 500 names of those wanted for mandatory and reserve service had arrived in the previous period, and the regime forces confirmed while circulating it that the above mentioned should directly join regime’s ranks, and the decision called them to go to the emergency center in Hina town in the west of Rif Dimashq, hand over their individual weapons and receive notification of their entry into the ranks of the regime forces within a period not exceeding 6 months, the resolution also called on all members of Harmoon Regiment to check with the mentioned center to settle their situation under new terms and conditions, these new decisions come within the framework of regime forces’ policy in the area, according to which the regime has been seeking for several months -in one way or another- to resolve the Harmoon Regiment, which was formed in the area during the displacement agreements and the settlement with Russian guarantees in early 2017, which includes people of the towns and villages of Jabal al-Sheikh.

The Syrian Observatory published yesterday that  regime’s authorities have issued new lists contain about 1550 names of young people required for the reserve service, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: about 1200 names have arrived at the outpost of Moadamyeh al-Sham city west of Rif Dimashq, and the wanted people were notified and their names were distributed to the checkpoints, where most of the wanted people in the city were from those who returned from Lebanese territory recently after settlement with regime’s authorities, the mainstay of which was the 4th Division, where the intersected sources confirmed that one of the provisions of the “settlement” agreement in Moadamyeh al-Sham was not to take the wanted people, where the city has not seen forced recruitment or lists of names of people required for the reserve services since signing of the reconciliation and settlement agreement in the city.