The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Islamic State executes 7 men in Aleppo and al- Raqqa

Aleppo Province: A defected captain, who pledged allegiance to IS, died in the countryside of Ayn al- Arab “Kobani”, it is unknown whether he is died in clashes with YPG or during the coalition airstrikes.  


Information reported to SOHR that IS militants executed 3 men in the northeast of Aleppo by shooting their heads, then crucified them for “kidnapping a Muslim and looting his money”, 2 of them confessed of being fighters in the rebel battalions.


The regime forces opened fire from their heavy gun machines on places in neighborhoods of Bab al- Naser and Bani Zeid in the city of Aleppo.


The clashes between the Islamic and rebel battalions against IS militants are stioo taking place in the village of Hor al- Naher near the city of Mare in the north of Aleppo and in al- Madajen area near the town of Dabeq  in the northeast of Aleppo.


Al- Raqqa Province: IS Organization beheaded 3 men in an area near the airbase of al- Tabaqa on charge of being “regime agents”. Another man was beheaded in an area in the western countryside of al- Raqqa accusing him of “sorcery”.