The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS attacks the triangle of al-Mayadin – 2nd Station – the administrative border with Homs Desert after clamping down on it east of the river and confining it to an enclave at the desert

Deir Ezzor Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored an attack carried out by the “Islamic State” Organization, in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor at the west Euphrates area, where the Syrian Observatory monitored an attack during the hours of last night by the “Islamic State” Organization targeted locations of the regime forces and the Iranian forces in al-Fayda area, which is located in the triangle of al-Mayadin – T2 Station – the administrative border with Homs Desert, and the attack was accompanied by exchange of targeting between the Organization and regime, which caused casualties in the ranks of both parties, where ISIS members attempt to disperse the regime forces and their allies, as they clamp down on them at the west Euphrates area and in Baghuz farms area on the east banks of Euphrates River.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 28th of February 2019 that  the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the death of a leader from al-Mayadin city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, who is one of the early pp to swear allegiance to ISIS in the city, along with a group of 7 of members of the “Islamic State” Organization, they were killed after being targeted during their attempt to cross from the east bank of Euphrates River in the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside; towards the western bank which is controlled by the Iranian forces, the regime forces, and the Russian-backed forces, where the Syrian Observatory documented their deaths after being targeted earlier, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 15th of February 2019 that several families of the “Islamic State” Organization tried to cross the east bank of river Euphrates at night, however, their attempt was unsuccessful, while the Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition continue to try to force the remaining members of the Organization who are hiding in farms near the southeast bank within a camp with their families; to force them to surrender and move them as happened previously.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned on the 6th of January 2019 from several reliable sources that a group of religious figures of the Shiite community of Iranian nationality; visited al-Mayadin city west of Euphrates River in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and in the details obtained by the Observatory: the delegation visited the city and entered al-Tamr  neighborhood which is controlled by the Iranian Forces in al-Mayadin city, where they carried out a an extensive meeting attended by dignitaries and notables from al-Mayadeen city and its countryside, with the presence of Mukhtars of Boqruss, Sa’lu, Mahkan, al-Zabari, and al-Quriyah which administratively follows al-Mayadin city, and personalities from the known families in al-Mayadin city, and the reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the delegation urged the youths in the city and its countryside to return to their areas, and to join the ranks of the Iranian Forces and the militias loyal to them, and that the affiliation of the wanted youths to the aforementioned forces will remove the security prosecution from them, and that the young men must join their ranks to defend the “religious sanctities”, and at the end the delegation visit Ein Ali area, which was transformed by Iranian forces into a shrine of the Shiite sect, where the Iranians built a Husseinieh and Mazar in Ein Ali area, and the Syrian Observatory monitored earlier the arrival of buses transporting Iranians of the “Shiite visitors” of Iranians, Syrians, and Iraqis, and carrying out Shiite sectarian rituals in the area, which is witnessing a large military presence of the Iranian Forces.

This expansion by the Iranian Forces comes at a time of where they face regional and international hostilities against their presence on the Syrian ground, with an urgent demand for their withdrawal and departure from the country, However, despite the increasing hostility, these forces continue to find a place for them, and as usual; Iran works to go deep in the ideological aspect when it is difficult to go deep in the military aspect, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the Iranian Forces continuing to recruit fighters and members within their ranks, in addition to getting closer to the population and converting people to “Shiite sect”, through joining more people to it, by paying money or providing aid or attempting to resolve outstanding issues for the population, where it rose to about 1270 persons of different ages, the number of people who volunteered in the west of Euphrates area in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Where the Syrian Observatory monitored that this enlisting includes both former defected members of the regime forces and those wishing to “settle their situation,” as well as former fighters in ranks of regime’s opponents, and other citizens the sources said that most of them were from al-Quriyah area in the countryside of al-Mayadin city, the sources told the Syrian Observatory that the process of luring the citizens to come was through a monthly salary, and letting them choosing the place of service between going to the battlefronts or stay at the training center west of Euphrates River, in addition to the immunity from the regime forces and from being arrested, where they are enlisted for monthly salaries vary from west of Euphrates to the south of Syria, where these salaries start from US $ 150