An old woman appeals the people of Manbej to rise up against Islamic State • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

An old woman appeals the people of Manbej to rise up against Islamic State

Aleppo Province: Reliable sources informed SOHR that the rebel battalions had closed al- Wardeyyah Road that separates between IS- held areas and the rebels- held areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo after the violent clashes between the Nusra Front, rebel and Islamic battalions from one side and IS militants from the other side in the village of Hour al- Naher, around the town of Soran E’zaz near the city of Mare’ and al- Madajen area near the town of Dabeq. Meanwhile, the towns of the northern eastern countryside are witnessing displacement of some families towards the city of Manbej fear of the clashes that may erupt in the area between IS and YPG.


The warplanes carried out a raid on an area around the town of al- Mansora in the western countryside of Aleppo.


The Islamic battalions targeted by homemade shells the regime positions in the neighborhood of al- Ramoseh in the west of Aleppo.


Trustworthy resources reported to SOHR that IS militants beheaded an old man in public al- Mazout Market in the city of Manbej for “insulting the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him”. The same resources confirmed to SOHR that an old women appealed the people of Manbej in order to rise up against IS militants and send them off out of the city to stop killing, where IS militants arrested and dragged her to unknown place.


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