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Violent Isis Brides Force SDF Require Strict Measures at al-Hol Camp

Video recordings that have gone viral show a group of Isis women, who fled the terror group’s last enclave in Syria’s eastern town of Baghouz, currently witnessing heavy clashes, chanting extremist slogans and vowing vengeance and that the self-proclaimed Isis caliphate will not be defeated.

One video showed an Isis bride, covered fully in black, attacking another woman who had also escaped the town simply because she showed her hair. While being trucked away from Baghouz, currently getting pounded by the US-led international coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Isis brides were aggressive towards field reporters, in one instance, splashing a correspondent with water and pushing them off the lorry.

Another clip showed the Isis brides carrying their young children on-board a lorry headed towards the al-Hol internal displacement camp in north-eastern Syria—they were heard shouting Isis slogans and saluting the terror group.

Struggling to control the situation at the camp, bulging with flocks of inbound Isis escapees, guards at the al-Hol camp were forced to fire warning shots and even used an electric shock once to control a foreign Isis bride that was stoking violence, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

“Foreign Isis brides throw stones. They denigrate Syrian and Iraqi women and even camp officials at times. Even children face threats,” a local guard reported. To prevent these attacks, the SDF, which controls al-Hol, decided to separate foreign female Isis brides in a special section away from other refugees.

The United Nations said on Friday that at least 62 thousand people have poured into the camp so far, far exceeding its capacity. They noted that 90 percent of the new arrivals are women and children.

In a flash update of the situation at al-Hol, humanitarian relief agencies said that some 4,000 people have been brought to the camp since March 7th. Bringing up the camp’s population to 66,247 people (19,216 families), the vast majority of them women and children, including 23 percent under the age of 5 and 8 percent pregnant and nursing mothers.

The most recent arrivals at the al-Hol have been in a notably poorer physical state than those reaching the camp in previous weeks, with the number of reported deaths, either en route, shortly after arriving at the camp or after referral, 113 as of March 9th. Two-thirds of the deaths are children under the age of five and were mainly suffering from hypothermia, pneumonia, dehydration or malnutrition-related illnesses.

Source: Violent Isis Brides Force SDF Require Strict Measures at al-Hol Camp

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