The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The warplanes strike areas in Idlib, while the Islamic factions shell areas in Hama and Aleppo

Idlib Province: A fighter from the Islamic battalions died in clashes with the regime forces in the vicinity of the town of al- Fo’ah which is inhabited by Shiite people.


The warplanes carried out some raids on areas in the vicinity of the airbase of Abo al- Dohur and on places in the villages of Om Jerrin and al- Hamidiyyi.


Aleppo Province: The Nusra Front and Islamic battalions shelled areas in the town of al- Zahraa, which is inhabited by Shiite people, in the north of Aleppo.


The regime forces shelled areas near al- Salat al- Sena’eyyi, coinsided with aerial bombardment on the same area.


A man died while others were wounded due to fall of shells launched by a rebel brigade on areas in the neighborhood of al- Shrafeyyi.


Hama Province: The regime forces shelled and opened fire on areas in the town of Allatamneh.


The Islamic factions targeted the regime positions in the eastern countryside of Hama. They also targeted by a rocket a regime vehicle near Zellin checkpoint leading to destroy it.