The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

48 hours of heavy rains and deteriorating weather conditions overflow and uproot hundreds of tents and cause a new disaster to thousands of the displaced people in the Syrian North’s camps

About 48 hours of heavy rains on separated areas in the Syrian North, caused large floods and torrential streams, in conjunction with the weather conditions that are deteriorating even more, all of these reasons were enough to result in a new disaster within the refugee camps in Aleppo, Hama, Idlib and the outskirts of Latakia, where the rudimentary tents set up on the farm lands and other tents on random lands that are not suitable for anything, are no longer able to withstand these floods, thus, hundreds of them were swept away in the wake of the floods that overflowed the camps, where tens of camps were flooded in the north of Idlib near the border with Iskenderun such as the camps of Al-Karamah, Atma and others, as well as camps in Aleppo countryside such as Deyouf Al-Sharqiyyah Camp, Al-Marj Camp and other camps in the Syrian coastline and Hama countryside, leaving thousands of displaced people in theses camps in the open amid full absence of the relevant organization, despite the calls for help and the video clips that were released about the new disaster that affected children and women in the wake of the low temperature, while the Syrian Observatory published this morning, that the weather conditions are still deteriorating, where the areas of the Syrian North witness heavy rains, which caused a tragedy and a disaster affected hundreds of thousands of displaced people, who inhabit these scattered camps in the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama and in the outskirts of Latakia, where hundreds of tents were overflowed and hundreds others were damaged and rooted out, after the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that the camps at the border with Iskenderun in the northern sector of Idlib countryside continue to witness tragic and catastrophic situation in various aspects of life, in particular, the clashes that have taken place over the past few days between Hayyaat Tahrir and others of al-Lataminah area, which spread panic among the civilians who are looking for a life there, and then, the bad weather came to the area in the past 2 days to increase the mud within the camps and make things even worse, where the Syrian Observatory monitored that several primitive tents sunk within al-Karama camp north of Idlib, due to bad weather and heavy rains all night long, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 7th of February 2019 that the humanitarian situation in the displacement camps in Idlib Province continues to witness a deteriorating and worsening humanitarian situation, especially with the weather conditions in the area of low temperatures, heavy rains, and the accompanied storms, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored that sink of several tents within al-Karama camp at the border with Iskenderun in the northern sector of Idlib countryside, due to the heavy rains in the area during last night, and the suffering of the displaced people was not confined to the uprooting and sinking of tents that housed them, where the humanitarian situation continues to worsen in terms of lack of medical and food aid, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored since late 2018, the worsening of humanitarian and living conditions in camps of the Syrian north, as a result of the rainstorm that uprooted thousands of tents and displaced thousands of families, and at the same time the international organizations are doing nothing and provide no relief or humanitarian assistance, due to which the situation of the families who displaced again after their first displacement has become more tragic and catastrophic.

The Syrian Observatory published on the 27th of December 2019 that most of the border camps with Iskenderun and the internal camps scattered on the outskirts of Idlib; are still witnessing increasingly tragic conditions due to the continued bad weather conditions and the heavy rains in the area, which caused the flood of tents that shelter the displaced people, also many of tents were destroyed, which led the people who had displaced to these camps to displace again to their acquaintances and relatives in the villages and towns around these camps, while the relief and service parties are just watching and no nothing to help in this disaster, which the Syrians are living, those who fled the war and the destruction that that was caused to their property, and stayed out on the open in primitive tents, the Syrian Observatory was published yesterday evening, that  camps in the north of Syria are witnessing a tragic situation and catastrophic conditions, due to deteriorating weather conditions and the heavy rain, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the camps of Sarha and al-Deira on the road of Sarmada – Tal al-Karama north of Idlib; and the camps of Sa’dah, al-Omar, al-Jwayd, and al-Huda in Atma area, and the camps of al-Muda and al-Wdyhi in Sarmada and its countryside, and al-Sabreen camp near al-Dana area, and al-Hamoud camp near Batbu, and the camps of Darkush, Ain al-Bayda, and Khirbet al-Jawz, are witnessing a tragic situation of drowning of the camps and the destruction of tents, amid homelessness of hundreds of displaced people with a tragic situation suffered by children, women, and young men and men of the displaced people of the camp, while the relief and service parties are doing nothing about what is happening in these camps, where the displaced people are still trying to preserve the last of what remained for them in these camps, and appeal to be helped in light of these weather conditions, which tell about more tragedies.