المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clarification from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published a report on the Baghuz camp massacre on the east bank of Euphrates River, which took place on the 19th of March 2019, and claimed the lives of 230 people of the family members of ISIS, where the Syrian Observatory stated that it received information that the massacre was carried out by fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces of Shaytat.

And as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls on the role played by Shaytat clan in the history of the area and its unique role in the Syrian revolution, as the first clan to reject swearing allegiance to the extremist Organization, which made it the target of the Organization since the 2014 massacre that killed more than 800 people of Shaytat clan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also calls on the roles played by Shaytat clan in the International Coalition and their significant role in all battles waged by the International Coalition against what is known as the “Islamic State” Organization.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also a monitor of all violations against humanity carried out by any party, explains that it did not intend from that to hold Shaytat clan responsible; the clan who is known for its combative history in the past and present.

Thus, the work of the Observatory is to refer to the violations against humanity, investigating in their repercussions, and identifying the perpetrators, whether they were leaders or individuals, based on the international law and international humanitarian law, which organized procedures of determining responsibility of violations committed against civilians during the armed conflicts, and therefore, the reference to members or individuals of this clan or that does not mean at all that this clan or that is responsible of it, as much as it is a responsibility the consequences of investigating int it falls on the leadership of the Syria Democratic Forces in general, then, the individuals who committed it in particular as fighters within SDF, thus, it does not mean to harm the honorable history of Shaytat clan, whether in Syrian history or during the Syrian revolution.

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